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August 27
August 27

August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema

August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema
August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema

The Day of Russian Cinema is celebrated by everyone who is in any way connected with the film industry. This is a celebration of cameramen, directors, actors, as well as screenwriters, make-up artists and so on. For several decades, it has been customary to coincide with this holiday with a variety of events that are associated with the film industry.

Cinema is a young art form, but today it is the most popular among other art forms.

From the Greek language "cinema" is translated as "move" or "move". The founders of cinema all over the world are considered to be the French brothers Lumière. It was they who invented a special apparatus called "Cinematograph" and received a patent for it. And in March, the brothers already demonstrated to their loved ones the first short film "The exit of workers from the Lumiere factory." And in December, on Boulevard des Capucines, the general public watched the film Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station.

Cinematography has a long history in our country. Cinema reached its heyday in Soviet times. The magnificent films filmed then, to this day, enjoy immense popularity and love among modern audiences. Even after several decades, these tapes remain popular.

August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema
August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema

The first film show in the Russian Empire was organized according to the old style on October 15, 1908. The film "The Lowest Freedom" lasted eight minutes, the name of the pioneering director is Vladimir Romashkov, it was he who opened the era of Russian cinema. The film was based on the folk song about Stenka Razin "From the Island to the Rod". And in 1925 the first colored domestic film was released - the famous film by Sergei Eisenstein "Battleship Potemkin".

In 1919, on August 27, the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR adopted another decree on the nationalization of the film industry. From that day on, all the cinematographic and photographic trade, industry, cinemas were transferred to the jurisdiction of the People's Commissariat of Education.

During the existence of this day, the date of its celebration has been repeatedly postponed. First, it was combined with International Film Day, proposing to celebrate December 28. As a national holiday, in fact, the Day of Russian Cinema then simply ceased to exist. This continued until 2002, until the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, or rather the Cinematography Service, decided that Russian cinema should have its own holiday, then they decided to continue celebrating the Day of Russian Cinema on August 27. This merit is attributed to Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov.

Films of various genres are being shot in Russia today: scientific, documentary, fiction, journalistic. The traditional Moscow International Film Festival is held annually in the capital; world-famous actors and directors become its guests.

August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema
August 27 - Day of Russian Cinema

From time to time, Russian films also become nominees for film festivals, for example, "Palme d'Or" in Cannes and others. But the most popular film festival in the world and significant for its creators is the American Oscar.

We can say that nowadays Russian cinema is in the stage of revival. There was a serious crisis in the late 80s - early 90s of the last century, but today the recovery continues, albeit at a slow pace. Proof of this is the appearance of more films of the highest quality, the appearance of young talented authors in the world of Russian cinema.

There are almost 40 film studios in our country today. The largest of them are Mosfilm, Lenfilm, and the Gorky Film Studio. The production capacities of these film studios allow to release about 100 films annually. The share of domestic films in the total box office today is about 30%. It should be said that by the same indicator, Russia is inferior among European countries only to France.

Of course, the Day of Russian Cinema is a holiday for both the creators and fans of Russian films. After all, there would be no spectators, there would be no one to create masterpieces for.

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