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20 Rules For Easy Weight Loss
20 Rules For Easy Weight Loss

20 rules for easy weight loss

Isn't it possible to lose weight without exhausting yourself with physical activity, without refusing your favorite dishes, and not radically changing your usual way of life? Try it! The calorifier offers a few simple rules, following which, start realizing your dream of losing weight right away. Here and now.

20 rules for easy weight loss
20 rules for easy weight loss

So the rules:

1. Drink water. A glass of clean water before a meal will sometimes replace this very meal. Indeed, we often mistake elementary thirst for hunger;

2. Eliminate simple carbohydrates. Or reduce their number, because in addition to the dubious pleasure of eating a bun, you will get an extra centimeter at your waist;

3. Be sure to eat protein and complex carbohydrates. Without protein food, muscle mass will not be able to grow, and the process of losing weight will begin with its reduction, and the fat reserve will remain intact. Complex carbohydrates provide the maximum amount of energy with a minimum of food consumed;

4. Reduce the amount of fat, fried and smoked foods. Even explanations are not needed here, everything is clear to the point of transparency, just - do it;

First 5 rules
First 5 rules

5. Breakfast is an obligatory meal. Always start the day with a nutritious and not boring breakfast, the energy charge for the whole day is provided;

6. Cheer up with aromatic coffee. One of the favorite and proven ways to cheer up and cheer up is a cup of coffee in the morning. Find five extra minutes, drink coffee while sitting, not on the run;

7. Light dinner. It is quite possible not to overeat at night if you cook fish or poultry with a large portion of vegetable salad. No mayonnaise!

8. Healthy snacks. The calorizer suggests replacing the usual chips, crackers and cookies with muesli bars, any fruit or a handful of dried fruits;

9. Reduce serving size. Take a plate with a smaller diameter than usual, thus you will not allow the walls of the stomach to stretch, trying to digest a large portion of food;

10. Eat fractionally. Frequent meals help accelerate metabolism, which has a positive effect on the process of losing weight;

Second 5 rules
Second 5 rules

11. Move. At any opportunity, go up and down the stairs, reach a colleague in another department, instead of sending him a letter, walk during a telephone conversation;

12. Walk. To the metro, to a store or a bank, which is within walking distance. It is not worth spending two hours behind the wheel in a traffic jam on the way to the gym, there is no heroism in this;

13. Take time to exercise. Running, walking, swimming, dancing, visiting the gym or fitness club - as soon as you start, you will not be stopped further;

14. Active rest. Even working in the garden and in the garden is an active leisure. And, of course, sports games on the beach, long swims and trips to museums will help you lose weight;

15. Become an active member of society. Interest clubs, trips with friends to theaters, museums and exhibitions, long walks around your hometown will captivate you and will not allow you to think about food again;

Third 5 rules
Third 5 rules

16. Adequate sleep. In a dream, a person cannot eat, respectively, he cannot get better either. And for weight loss, a deep sleep for 7-8 hours a day is very useful;

17. Avoid stress. It is difficult, but possible to calculate situations and try to reduce the reasons for stress to a minimum, learn this;

18. Study labels. Before buying a product, check out what it consists of. Give preference to simple and fresh self-prepared foods;

19. Tune in positively. Belief in your own strength helps to move mountains, for a start - come up with a suitable motive for losing weight and be sure to promise yourself a reward for success;

20. Be bold. Changing, changing your diet and behavior is not difficult at all. Go for it, everything will work out!

20 rules to lose weight easily
20 rules to lose weight easily

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