4 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

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4 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle
4 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

Video: 4 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

Video: 4 Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle
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4 steps to a healthy lifestyle

The main principle of weight loss is: “Expend more calories than you consume”. But in practice it is much more difficult to apply it. To achieve the set goals, you need to follow new principles, you need to constantly learn something, apply this knowledge in practice.

4 steps to a healthy lifestyle
4 steps to a healthy lifestyle

Much more important is the knowledge that comes to us with experience. This requires completely different skills, unlike those that we use to obtain any information from other people.

The ancient Greeks called this method of knowledge "praxis" or practice. It consists of four stages:

  1. observation of their actions, as well as their consequences;
  2. analysis of observation results;
  3. drawing up an action plan (or strategy);
  4. its implementation.

Then everything repeats itself: you observe the result - analyze - plan - act, and so again and again. All of these steps require appropriate skills and knowledge.

The main thing at the stage of observation is awareness and self-control. In this case, self-control does not mean that you need to constantly weigh yourself. Here we are talking about internal concentration - on your efforts, on your well-being. It is very important in the process of losing weight to listen to how the body reacts to the applied diet, to the load.

In order to change your lifestyle, you need to follow the indications not of external devices, but of internal ones. Libra will not tell you about whether you are conscientiously working on yourself, why you feel hungry - because you are hungry or because of nervousness, and so on. But it is this information that is needed in order to honestly and carefully evaluate your achievements.

When analyzing, you first need to learn to think critically about your actions, and yourself. You are both the object of observation and the researcher who conducts the experiment. This attitude requires honesty and openness to oneself.

But self-condemnation should also be avoided. It is important for you not to scold yourself for your misdeeds, but to orient yourself on a healthy lifestyle, on understanding how to approach it. So if you treat yourself this way, nothing good will come of it.

The main principle of weight loss is: "Consume more calories than you consume"
The main principle of weight loss is: "Consume more calories than you consume"

At the planning stage, the main skill is imagination, in other words, creative thinking. If you decide to change something, but do not know what needs to be done for this, try to clearly imagine (imagine) how the result of the desired changes should look like. Then it will become clear to you what exactly needs to be done for this. And, starting from the final result, determine the specific micro-goals that need to be achieved.

In the action stage, "production" thinking becomes the decisive skill. This aspect of the effective solution of troubling issues is often undeservedly ignored. When thinking about a problem, did you have to calculate various options for solving it? For example, spend x or y calories; stick to low, medium or high calorie intake, etc.

But choosing the right solution (the end result) is one thing, and it is quite another thing to successfully implement this solution. Sometimes for this it is important to be able to choose extra time, find sufficient motivation, show firmness and perseverance in order to still overcome the present discomfort and, if required, even change values and priorities. This "production" mindset means that you yourself are your own inspiration, leader and supporter rolled into one. It also means checking on your own experience what “works” and what “doesn't work” for you, and not give up if you fail.

The key to a successful path to a healthy lifestyle is the fulfillment of some rules, without which it is difficult to imagine what you are striving for. It:

  1. Have a clear and well-defined goal and plan.
  2. Stop exclusively on proper nutrition, having defined this concept for yourself individually.
  3. Give up bad habits, as an option, replace them with useful ones.
  4. Dedicate a small amount of time to exercise.
  5. Engage in meditation, relaxation.
  6. Think positively.
  7. Remember the rest.

So, today we have considered the question of how to come to a healthy lifestyle, what are the main steps you need to take for this. We believe that you will succeed.

Author: Zhanna Sh. (Specially for Calorizator.ru)

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