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30 Ways To Burn 100 Calories
30 Ways To Burn 100 Calories

30 ways to burn 100 calories

In the article "How to Increase Calorie Consumption", we talked in detail about the traps of a sedentary lifestyle and looked at ways to increase calorie expenditure at home, at work and in outdoor activities. In this article, we will give examples of how easy it is to spend 100 kcal.

Activity or sofa?

If you absolutely cannot find time even for walking, or your doctor found contraindications to active physical training, then there is another opportunity for you to spend extra calories: changing your lifestyle towards more active … At the same time, an increase in calorie consumption can be achieved by several simple tricks.

You can integrate physical activity into your daily routine organically. Changing your lifestyle to be more active can be a smart alternative to exercise.

Activity or sofa?
Activity or sofa?

An active lifestyle involves an increase in energy consumption during the day, which is facilitated by walking (instead of driving), climbing stairs (instead of an escalator or elevator). And daily duties and activities can also be turned into an exciting game "Get rid of extra calories" - this will require very little effort, and, as you know, the ruble saves a penny - and in two weeks we will happily discover that for some reason our favorite skirt hangs slightly where the tummy used to be.

To do this, at work and at home, lay out things as far as possible from its place of use, for example, put the printer so that you need to get out of the workplace and walk a few steps to use it. And also stop using the TV remote control or radiotelephone to be able to move once again.

Try to move more
Try to move more

What to do to spend 100 kcal?

Consider the options for the consumption of 100 kcal (data are given based on the weight of a person - 80 kg):

  1. Active lunch preparation - 40 minutes.
  2. Active sex - 36 minutes.
  3. Active dog walking - 20 minutes.
  4. Aerobic session (non-intensive) - 14 minutes.
  5. Bike / Trainer (medium speed) - 10 minutes.
  6. Incendiary modern dances - 20 minutes.
  7. Play with children (at a moderate pace) - 20 minutes.
  8. Bowling - 22 minutes.
  9. Darts game - 35 minutes.
  10. Playing cards - 14 hands.
  11. Beach volleyball game - 25 minutes.
  12. Roller skating - 11 minutes.
  13. Slow dancing at the disco - 15 minutes.
  14. Car wash - 15 minutes.
  15. Applying lipstick - 765 times.
  16. Internet chat (intensive) - 45 minutes.
  17. Kicking the ball - 600 times.
  18. Passive dog walking - 27 minutes.
  19. Walk with wheelchairs - 35 minutes.
  20. Climbing the stairs - 11 minutes.
  21. Walking distance (5 km / h) - 20 minutes.
  22. Travel by transport - 110 minutes.
  23. Swimming easy in the pool - 12 minutes.
  24. Read aloud - 1 hour.
  25. Try on clothes - 16 times.
  26. Working at the computer - 55 min.
  27. Gardening - 16 minutes.
  28. Sleep - 2 hours.
  29. Shopping is active - 15 minutes.
  30. Yoga classes - 35 minutes.
30 ways to spend 100 calories
30 ways to spend 100 calories

Move more and stay healthy

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