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Video: 6 Myths About The Popular Juice Diet

Video: 6 Myths About The Popular Juice Diet
Video: 3 Misconceptions About Juice Cleanses 2023, June
6 Myths About The Popular Juice Diet
6 Myths About The Popular Juice Diet

6 myths about the popular juice diet

Purification programs and juice diets are a real trend in the West, which is gradually taking over Russian society. However, at the moment, the topic of juice diets has much more questions than answers.

Healthy lifestyle consultant Milan Babic, founder of Greenberry, has agreed to dispel all the juice diet myths especially for


Myth 1. Cleansing programs are a waste of time

All that harmful that you have ever consumed, be it alcohol or fast food, does not pass without a trace for the body. Bad habits can lead to the accumulation of toxins and an increase in fat stores. Urban dwellers are in a particularly high risk zone: due to the crazy pace of life and the environment in general. The body lacks vitamins and minerals, and the metabolism, as a rule, is impaired - which body will withstand? In the future, all this affects the state of health and appearance - complexion, skin, etc.

Cleansing programs help to normalize all disturbed processes and change eating habits.

Myth 2. Juice detox is harmful to health

First, all detox programs include superfood supplements, so the diet does not consist solely of juices. However, not all detox program manufacturers offer a balanced diet, and this should be considered when choosing a program.

Secondly, juice diets do not last more than 5 days - this is the optimal number of days, which allows the body not only to get rid of toxins, but also to stock up on the necessary vitamins and minerals. The juice diet contains much more trace elements than diets based on the same porridge or salads. Smoothies, especially nutty ones, are usually very satisfying.

However, I recommend that you consult your doctor first - there may be contraindications for certain products. Also, pregnant women should not go through detox programs.


Myth 3. Juice diet is fraught with hungry faints

To many it seems incredible to eat exclusively juices.

This fear is caused by the lack of quality natural juices. Many are accustomed to pasteurized products, the main component of which is sugar. The composition of juices is very rich - vegetables, fruits, nuts, spring water, flax seeds.

Myth 4. Detox has short-term effects

The main task of such a diet is to change bad eating habits. When a certain set of products is brought to you, it already stimulates self-control. Believe me, after 5 days the feeling of yourself will be completely different: you will feel that you have gotten rid of the "excess" and will not want to return to unhealthy eating.

Also, do not forget that we are drawn to certain foods, whether sweet or starchy foods, due to the lack of certain substances in the body. The charge of vitamins will significantly reduce the need for junk food, as well as speed up the processes of metabolism and fat burning.


Myth 5. Freshly squeezed juice (detox) can be made at home

It really is possible. You can even make homemade ice cream or bread.

But there are objective reasons for contacting specialists:

  1. The detox should be balanced in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Also, not all products can be combined with each other. A balanced diet is the key to the success of any diet.
  2. When choosing, pay attention to the compilers - the program should be developed by nutritionists (for example, from the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), and not by "trial and error"
  3. Cold pressed technology allows you to preserve the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals. And it is inaccessible to most.
  4. Specialists-consultants can assist in choosing a cleansing program, as well as provide psychological assistance during the program.
  5. Time is our most valuable resource. The juicing process takes a very long time.

Myth 6. Such programs use the cheapest ingredients

The quality of a product - its taste and usefulness - directly depends on the ingredients. If the myth were true, then detox juices would be no different from ordinary ones. But there are differences, and they are tangible. The taste and shelf life are proof of this. Certificates of conformity will help you identify a really high-quality manufacturer.

Another important point: real unpasteurized juice without dyes and preservatives can be stored for no more than 72 hours.

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