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Video: Selecting Home Exercise Equipment 2023, January
6 Steps To Choosing A Home Exercise Machine
6 Steps To Choosing A Home Exercise Machine

6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine

6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine
6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine

What is a simulator? The very word "simulator" comes from the English to train - to train. Usually a training device is called a simulator, which is designed to develop the muscles of the skeleton, as well as various motor functions of the body.

Today, exercise equipment can be divided mainly into 2 main types of simulators, these are: cardiovascular equipment and weight training equipment.

Everyone knows about the benefits of physical activity, as well as the fact that constant exercise on simulators does not allow the body to relax, keep it in good shape. However, as a rule, a fitness trainer purchased from a store is not used at home, it only collects dust somewhere in the garage. Why is this happening? Perhaps the person who bought this simulator, after several sessions on it, did not see the expected result and change in muscle mass. Another fairly common reason for this is that exercising on the simulator at home simply did not give him pleasure. How to choose the right simulator for home use?

Step 1: define a goal.

Do you want to lose or gain weight? Build muscle? Or maybe both? Specific targeting can help you narrow your search significantly.

Step 2: don't forget your preferences.

What kind of physical activity do you not get very tired and enjoy the most? What don't you love? If you avoid stairs in your daily life, you are unlikely to enjoy stepping. Conversely, if you like long walks, the treadmill will give you a similar feeling at any time of the day, as well as in any weather. It is known that the more you enjoy exercising with the simulator, the more often you will use it.

6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine
6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine

Step 3: define a budget.

How much can you spend on a gym machine? The price range is quite large and depends on the type and model you have chosen. The best option is to spend a significant portion of your budget on a quality aerobic or strength training machine, such as a bench press or a treadmill, then add inexpensive strength training equipment to it, such as a barbell, dumbbells, horizontal bar, and weights. The newest simulators are all equipped with the latest technology, they have many different functions, the only drawback of which is that they significantly increase the cost.

Step 4: don't get hung up on the little things.

When buying a home exercise machine, ask yourself if you need different monitors, timers, heart rate sensors and other little things that consultants impose. If you answered yes to yourself, if you can afford to pay for it, great. If your answer is “No”, choose a quality base model with no additional features. After all, instead of a timer, you can use a watch, learn how to measure your heart rate, all this will make your workouts more interesting and effective.

6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine
6 steps to choosing a home exercise machine

Step 5: clarify all the nuances.

Ask the seller about the possibility of return, warranty, frequency of breakdowns, cost of repair. Some dealers offer the opportunity to use their simulator for a certain period, for example, 30 days, with a return in the event that the simulator does not fit. Technical support as well as repairs are also of great importance. As a rule, the warranty period is 1 year, despite this, be sure to check all the conditions of the warranty, especially if you buy a simulator in a TV or online store.

Step 6: how to use and store your machine.

Before buying an exercise machine, think carefully about where you will place it. Measure the area that the simulator will occupy, be sure to see if there are electrical outlets and ventilation in this place for the simulator. A rubber mat under the treadmill will protect you and your neighbors from noise and the treadmill will keep dust out.

Today we learned how to choose a simulator for home use. Now you know what points you should pay attention to, and don't make mistakes when buying.

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