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Prana Food: How To Lose Weight With 21st Century Food
Prana Food: How To Lose Weight With 21st Century Food

Prana Food: How to Lose Weight with 21st Century Food

There are a lot of nutrition systems and diets today. Far fewer among them are really safe for health, balanced and effective. One of these systems, developed in Russia and gaining particular popularity among connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle, is Prana Food.

What it is?

Prana Food is nutritious cocktails created according to a unique formula developed in Russia. In fact, there are no analogues to these cocktails in the world. They are based on plant components obtained by extraction at a temperature not higher than 48 degrees. It contains flaxseed flour, pine nuts, apple pectin, lactulose, lecithin, soy isolate, black pepper extract, magnesium, ginger, fibregam, erythritol and a vitamin premix. All components are absolutely harmless to the body, and their competent combination has a beneficial effect on the overall physical condition and health. At the same time, the use of the Prana Food cocktail allows you to reduce the amount eaten and cut down on meals, without remaining hungry.

Prana Food Roster
Prana Food Roster

Prana Food works as a stimulant satisfaction activator. This is exactly what is caused in our body, for example, by physical training (the so-called "muscle joy"). The Prana Food cocktail, drunk just before physical activity, allows you to launch such a mechanism of satisfaction faster and with particular efficiency.

In addition, when using natural Prana Food cocktails, the intestines and, as a result, the whole body are healed. Immunity increases, mood improves and, of course, weight decreases. Prana Food is recommended not only for those who are losing weight, but also for people with diabetes, supporters of proper nutrition, athletes of all kinds of sports, vegans and raw food eaters, the elderly and even pregnant women and children over 3 years old.

Prana Food System

What is prana-weight loss? The main goal of any competent weight loss and recovery system is to reduce the amount of glucose and heavy carbohydrates consumed. At the same time, it is worth increasing the amount of protein consumed in conjunction with fiber. It is this balance, ideally, that should bring the cherished forms and a general improvement in well-being. How to properly lose weight with Prana Food?

First, it is worth giving up sweet and starchy foods. Yes, Prana Food does help in weight loss, but it does not rule out the basic rules of a healthy diet. And in them. anyway. no milk chocolate, mountains of fast food or freshly baked buns are included. How does excess sugar harm our figure? Science explains this process as follows: the process of converting sugar into glucose occurs in cells with the help of insulin. When a cell is oversaturated with sugar, it drops out of the process of converting glucose into energy, and this very glucose is already converted into fatty deposits. Regular consumption of Prana Food cocktails (3-4 times a day) normalizes the process of converting sugar into energy.

Prana Food - food for health and youth
Prana Food - food for health and youth

According to the Prana Food system, you should eat 3 times a day. At the same time, the process of eating food should take place in a calm atmosphere, with the right psychological attitude. The diet should consist of as much fresh food as possible (white meat, vegetables and herbs). Another ban is fried. High-glycemic foods such as alcohol, broths, sauces and smoked meats are also excluded. It is worth reducing the use of salt.

The amount of water per day should be 2.5-3 liters. It is no secret that our body is 90% water, and this fluid is simply necessary for restructuring processes inside cells.

A serving of Prana Food Shake should be consumed between meals. It is not recommended to eat after 18:00, but if you still feel hungry, you should drink a Prana Food cocktail for dinner.

Celebrities with Prana Food
Celebrities with Prana Food

It is very useful to add physical activity and sports at least 2 times a week to the "prana-weight loss" system - this will accelerate the effect. The main thing to remember is that the restructuring of the body does not occur in a few days. This is a long process, but the effect of such a nutritional system will not disappear in a few months.

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