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Video: Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries

Video: Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries
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Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries
Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries

Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries

To lose weight or, conversely, gain muscle mass, sometimes it is enough to normalize nutrition. Healthy food from the Perfomance Food company is a whole complex of programs, following which you can achieve your goal. The company offers:

nutrition programs for athletes (men and women);

  • nutrition for weight loss;
  • balanced nutrition for everyone;
  • individual programs;
  • proper nutrition for diseases.
  • Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries
    Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries

    The difference in nutrition programs is not only in calories, but also in the percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Also, all foods that cannot be called healthy are excluded from the diet. Eating right is a healthy habit that leads to excellent results.

    Nutrition for athletes

    Athletes need a well-planned diet. In this case, the calorie content and composition of the program should depend on:

    the gender of the athlete - women require much fewer calories;

    • training programs (for drying, for maintaining tone or for gaining mass);
    • athlete's weight - the more weight, the more caloric the menu should be.

    If an athlete neglects proper nutrition, then it will be difficult for him to achieve a good result from training. Performance Food offers a menu:

    1. 1500 calories. This diet is suitable for men on drying and women who want to maintain muscle tone during training.
    2. 2000 calories. This is a menu for men who intend to maintain muscle mass during training, as well as for girls who need to gain weight.
    3. 2,500 calories. The diet will help to gain weight for novice athletes and female athletes. For more serious workouts, men need a more high-calorie menu.
    4. 3000-6000 calories. These are several programs for male athletes who intend to gain quality muscle mass.
    Nutrition for athletes
    Nutrition for athletes

    Factors such as gender, athlete weight and training intensity are considered when choosing a program. The 6000 calorie program is designed for heavyweight athletes who are active in sports. When choosing a menu for girls, Performance Food nutritionists also take into account the metabolism and weight of athletes.

    The main focus of the menu, which is aimed at drying and maintaining weight, is on protein. Weight gain programs are high in protein and carbohydrates.

    Slimming programs

    To lose weight, you need a completely different menu. The calorie content here should be minimal, but at the same time the body must receive all the necessary nutrients. In addition, a person should feel full after eating - this will allow him to avoid temptations.

    Performance Food offers:

    1) Menu with a calorie content of 900 Kcal. This is a very tough program for women who want to:

    lose weight quickly;

    • lose weight with a sedentary lifestyle;
    • recover from childbirth.

    The menu is designed for 1-2 weeks, it is not recommended to sit on such a diet longer.

    2) After the 900 calorie diet, you can move on to the 1200 calorie menu. It is also a dietary program for women who want to lose weight quickly. It can be used by girls who play sports. The menu contains enough proteins and trace elements, while there are very few carbohydrates.

    Slimming programs
    Slimming programs

    3) There is also a menu for weight loss and men. Pierre Ducan's diet is ideal for the stronger sex. The menu contains mainly proteins, so the diet contains foods such as meat, fish, poultry, cottage cheese. A complete rejection of carbohydrates quickly tightens the figure. This diet can be followed for 1 to 2 weeks.

    4) The Pierre Ducan diet can be used by women as well. The most interesting thing is that there are as many proteins, carbohydrates and fats as in the men's menu, the diet has a similar calorie content. The diet also lasts no more than 2 weeks.

    5) For men and women after the "shock" diet of Pierre Ducan, the continuation of this diet program is proposed. The calorie content of dishes increases for men to 1500 calories, for women - up to 1100.

    Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries
    Performance Food: Healthy Eating Without Worries

    By eating right, you will achieve your goals. Weight loss and exercise programs can be used in turn. For example, after losing weight, you can take up intensive training and go to a new menu. It's easy to be perfect with Performance Food.

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    More information about the Performance Food system can be found at

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