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Video: Crossfit Is The Sport Of Modern People

Video: Crossfit Is The Sport Of Modern People
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Crossfit Is The Sport Of Modern People
Crossfit Is The Sport Of Modern People

Crossfit is the sport of modern people

Crossfit is a functional, high-intensity training system. It is based on exercises from weightlifting, artistic gymnastics, aerobics, kettlebell lifting, etc. It is a young sport and was registered in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jena.

What is Crossfit for

The main goal of Crossfit is to educate the ideal athlete who can run a couple of kilometers, then walk on his hands, lift weights and swim in the appendage. Hence the slogan of the sport "Be, not seem."

What is Crossfit for
What is Crossfit for

The discipline is very serious. It requires a lot of preparation and training of the muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Crossfit develops:

respiratory system, allowing you to increase the volume of inhaled and assimilated oxygen.

  • cardiovascular system to improve blood flow and oxygen access to organs.

This type of training is ideal for people looking to lose weight quickly. Intense load combined with strength training helps to quickly remove excess subcutaneous fat and tighten muscles.

Basic exercises in Crossfit

Two exercises can rightfully be considered the hallmark of Crossfit: burpees and thrusters.

Trasters are a combination of two exercises: the front squat and the standing barbell press. There are a lot of variations of the exercise: it can be performed with a barbell, 1 or 2 weights, with dumbbells, 1 or 2 hands.

Burpee. To put it in simple, military language, this exercise is "fell-squeezed". In Crossfit, they also added a jump with a clap of hands over the head to it and hone the technique. It is very effective to combine burpees with any other exercises: pull-ups, box jumping, barbell exercises and many others.

Basic exercises in Crossfit
Basic exercises in Crossfit

The features of just two exercises already speak volumes about how versatile Crossfit is as a fitness system.

That is why this type of training is officially used for the physical training of military personnel, rescuers, firefighters and employees of various special forces.

Crossfit Corporation

Crossfit is not just an official sport, it is a whole corporation. And in Russia today it is prestigious to have an official certificate of the Crossfit corporation, which allows you to call yourself a certified trainer.

Gyms also do not stand aside, concluding agreements with the corporation, also passing certification and receiving certificates for the official right to wear the Crossfit status. This is not so easy to do. Like any corporation, Crossfit is tough about training, examining its coaches and evaluating gyms.

Therefore, if your city has trainers and gyms with official Crossfit certificates, you are very lucky.

Crossfit Corporation
Crossfit Corporation

Like any sport, Crossfit has its pros and cons.

Cons of Crossfit

The main disadvantages of CrossFit are:

Difficulty finding trained, certified trainers. Training is not cheap, especially for trainers in the provinces.

  • Lack of gyms equipped for Crossfit in most of Russia. And we are not even talking about certification and the assignment of official status. Not every gym is ready to go to extra costs for this.
  • Injury risk of sports. Lack of mastering the technique of working with free weights can play a cruel joke. That is why the choice of a coach should be meticulous, and the attention to yourself and your feelings should be true.
  • A large load on the cardiovascular system suggests that it is advisable to see a doctor before starting workouts. And if the doctors have doubts about your case, be sure to warn the trainer, or think about how much Crossfit you need.
  • Cons of Crossfit
    Cons of Crossfit

    Pros of Crossfit

    The main advantages of CrossFit are:

    Saving time. Unlike lengthy fitness workouts, Crossfit can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

    • Rapid weight loss.
    • Develops the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. That prevents the development of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, reduces diabetes and fights the scourge of our time - physical inactivity.
    • Increases physical strength
    • A huge variety of exercises and programs.
    • Pros of Crossfit
      Pros of Crossfit

      Crossfit is the most fun and versatile sport. It always has something to strive for. There will always be someone either stronger or more enduring than you. In a way, this is the most reckless type of physical training. A lot of exercises and their combinations will allow you to independently create your own combinations of workouts. And it just gets better all the time.

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