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Video: Have You Already Tried Healthy Salt?

Video: Have You Already Tried Healthy Salt?
Video: Salt: Are you getting Enough? (More Sodium & Health) 2023, June
Have You Already Tried Healthy Salt?
Have You Already Tried Healthy Salt?

Have you already tried healthy salt?

Adyghe salt
Adyghe salt

This article is intended to tell you about an unusual salt, the history of which goes back to the ancient times of the Adyghe people.

The salt in question is now better known as "Adyghe salt". This unique product is a mixture of various spices, garlic and salt, due to which it has many beneficial properties.

A feature of this product is a unique manufacturing technology, through which the beneficial properties of the ingredients used are absorbed into the salt crystal, respectively, are transferred to the prepared dishes.

Today, this healthy salt is gaining more and more popularity due to its unique qualities. All dishes cooked with it turn out to be much tastier, and most importantly, healthier. Not surprisingly, most people who have tried this delicious salt no longer use regular salt.

What is so good about “Adyghe salt”?

Firstly, it is very pleasing that using this salt, a person consumes less salt, getting sufficient salinity.

Secondly, this unique product contains garlic, the benefits of which are known to both adults and children. "But what about the smell?" - many will think.

The fact is that in addition to garlic, the "Adyghe salt" contains many seasonings, such as black pepper, red bell pepper, parsley, dill, savory, coriander, etc. They kill the smell of garlic and transfer their beneficial properties and various trace elements to salt. …

Together, this makes salt useful.

Third, of course, the taste. This incomparable salt gives any dishes an indescribable rich taste and mouth-watering aroma.

To date, the sole manufacturer of real, natural "Adyghe salt" is the individual entrepreneur Khuazhev Aslan Zakireevich, who set himself the goal of making healthy salt into the public domain. The production has been operating since 2002, and during this time various versions of the Adyghe salt were developed, intended for a wide number of consumers. It should be noted that IP Huajev A. Z. also produces other natural national food products and is the owner of the highest awards at prestigious competitions.

You can learn more about unique useful products on the official website of the manufacturer

Here you can also buy Adyghe salt and other products wholesale and retail!

Bon appetit and health!

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