"Jokes Are Jokes, But You Need To Get Married!", Or How A Joke Saved My Relationship

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"Jokes Are Jokes, But You Need To Get Married!", Or How A Joke Saved My Relationship
"Jokes Are Jokes, But You Need To Get Married!", Or How A Joke Saved My Relationship

Video: "Jokes Are Jokes, But You Need To Get Married!", Or How A Joke Saved My Relationship

Video: "Jokes Are Jokes, But You Need To Get Married!", Or How A Joke Saved My Relationship
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"Jokes are jokes, but you need to get married!", Or How a joke saved my relationship

"… And they had a feast for the whole world, and they lived happily ever after!" - this moment in children's fairy tales always aroused a special thrill in me. I vividly drew myself an idyllic picture, where a beautiful woman in a fluffy white dress is spinning in a wedding dance with an equally beautiful prince.

Happy bride
Happy bride

And, of course, I have always played the role of this very lucky woman - the most amazingly magical bride in the world! In short, it's easy to understand that when I grew up, the wedding finally became for me the most desired event. And I also wanted her to be truly perfect, so the question of choosing a groom should be taken seriously.

In general, it was “question number one” for me, and I actively worked in this direction. If you think that I threw myself on the neck of everyone I met and begged to marry me, then you are mistaken. Of course, I wanted to put the same ring on my finger, but I did not lose my mind, so I managed to find an option that suited me the most and promised real results.

What if I don’t become a bride at all?

It all started with the fact that I accidentally wandered into one site where psychics, astrologers, tarot readers and fortune-tellers of all stripes are collected. I knew that they weren't joking with such things, so first I carefully studied the service, read all the information available there, and then decided - why not try it, especially since the first consultation is free? No sooner said than done, and after looking through the available list of specialists (quite impressive, by the way - more than 100 of the most diverse experts), I ordered my first conversation with a psychic in my life. Of course, I was interested in the most important question: "When will I get married?" Fortunately, the answer immediately made me happy:

- You will definitely be a bride! This event is clearly visible in your future, and your marriage, I am almost sure, will be once and for all - true love!

You can imagine how great news this was for me! But when will this happen, because I'm still not even in a relationship ?! The psychic woman hastened to calm me down, saying that there is no reason to worry - since she is confident in her view of the situation, she will definitely help me bring the moment that I am looking forward to! And on the same day, having enlisted her support, I took the first step …

Did I find you ?

Further events developed in such a way that I could not even imagine, but at the same time my confidence grew stronger every day. As I said, I decided to use the advice of a psychic, especially since the reviews about her work were the most positive. Right on the expert's page, many thanked her for helping them find love, build relationships and keep their family together. So why don't I take the chance too? We started by analyzing what kind of man I really need - I ordered a written service and received a detailed answer directly to my e-mail. The detailed description of my "ideal man" was really impressive. Perhaps, this is exactly how I imagined him, drawing in my imagination the image of my half”!

The next step was a little more difficult - now we needed to work with energy flows in order to attract the love that I was waiting for. From the outside it may seem incredible, but the sessions of cleaning and correcting the biofield that we conducted worked one hundred percent, and at the birthday party of close friends, I finally met HIM! There were no doubts - from just one glance I was ready to melt, to say nothing of the euphoria I was in when he started courting me … The last doubts were dispelled by the same psychic, without whose advice I could not imagine myself … The pair compatibility analysis that I ordered was absolutely categorical and unambiguous - this is exactly the person I need!

Is my choice just a mistake?

Time passed, our relations were actively developing (not without the participation of my kind psychic advisor, of course), and confidence grew in me - the wedding was just around the corner, I found my prince from a fairy tale. I clearly understood that I was confidently going towards my goal, overcoming step by step, so the proposal of a hand and heart is just a matter of time. My psychic was of absolutely the same opinion, so she tirelessly helped me solve minor conflict situations that periodically arose in our couple. However, one week followed another, month after month passed, but, despite the obvious harmony of our relationship, my beloved was in no hurry to kneel down, opening a velvet box in front of me … In the end, my patience ran out, and I called the expert again …

- When will he propose to me? Maybe this is not who I need at all ?!

I was in despair, but the psychic was adamant - I found exactly the one who would become my life partner for many years. But how can I believe this if he has no plans to tie the knot? And then this wise woman told me something that I hadn't thought about at all.

- Tanya, you need to give him a little push. Understand that for men, the wedding itself does not always mean something meaningful. Many people think that this is not necessary at all, since everything is fine with you. I really feel that he is absolutely sure that you are the ideal couple for him, so do not rush to conclusions. It's not for nothing that we have put so much effort into making you happier!

To be honest, this was the first time a consultation did not inspire me. I thought with despondency that all this was nonsense, I was just wasting my time. In the next 2 weeks, I was finally convinced that there was not a hint of an offer from him. This is the end. I was ready to burst into tears, so I did not want to ruin this relationship, which brought me so many emotions. But he does not see our future, since he does not want to become my husband! And I decided for the worst - to dot the i's and leave …

Moment of truth

We sat in our favorite cafe, where we once spent our first days of acquaintance. This time the mood was not to hell, I knew how it would all end, and he wondered why I invited him on this unplanned date. I spent a long time gathering my courage, carrying on some kind of nonsense, and he finally could not stand it.

- Tanya, what's going on?

It was that very moment. Right now, the further fate of two people was being decided, who, apparently, were not destined to be together … I already took a deep breath to say that we need to part, as the words of a psychic sounded in my head again: “This is your man, this is the love that will be with you all your life, you must fight … . And I did something that, perhaps, no one expected. Grabbing a silvery ring from the table that held linen napkins together, I solemnly knelt down on one knee, took his hand, smiled, as they say, “in all 32 teeth” and said:

- Igor, do you agree to become my one and only husband?

I imagined how comical this whole situation looks, and the visitors froze with their mouths open. The pause hung literally for 1 second, which, however, seemed like an eternity to me. And then I saw something that I will never forget in my life. He laughed, hugged me, kissed me and said that he had never seen such a performance in his life, except perhaps in a movie. Finally I heard what I've been waiting for all this time.

- I have always said that I adore you for this lightness, for how extraordinary you are! Well, who, besides my beloved bride, could have thought of such a thing? You are beautiful, you are not like everyone else, and most importantly - I know you will be the most beautiful bride in the world, as in a fairy tale!

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