Protein-carbohydrate Alternation

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Protein-carbohydrate Alternation
Protein-carbohydrate Alternation

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Video: Protein-carbohydrate Alternation
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Protein-carbohydrate alternation

Protein-carbohydrate alternation
Protein-carbohydrate alternation

Indeed, now there are many different diets that bear the name of some famous person. But if you analyze them, it is difficult to understand why fat is burned. Sometimes these are just fictional stories that the stars have never heard of. Of course, this is not the case for everyone. There are many techniques to help you get back in shape. Before you dare to take such a step, analyze a well-chosen diet, or even better, contact a good specialist in the field of nutrition. He will definitely not advise you bad. Our organism is not a constructor: it is not as easy to rebuild it again as we would like it to be. You need to think about this much earlier.

So, let's proceed to the analysis of the diet itself, which is based on protein-carbohydrate alternation.

The first and second days of the diet are low-carb foods and those that are rich in protein. Protein is 3 grams per kilogram of body weight, and carbohydrates are 1 gram.

The third day - eating high-carbohydrate food - 4 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight. The amount of protein must be reduced to 1 gram so that the daily calorie intake is acceptable.

The fourth day - the optimal ratio of protein - 2.5 grams and carbohydrates - 2 grams.

Protein-carbohydrate alternation
Protein-carbohydrate alternation

By limiting the amount of carbohydrates, excess fluid is lost from your body. If such nutrition is supported by physical training, then excess fat will be burned. The optimal ratio of protein and carbohydrates is the guarantee that you will not feel weak.

Not so simple. Like all diets, protein-carbohydrate alternation has both disadvantages and advantages.

As for its positive aspects, it allows you to normalize the metabolism in the body. Such food also keeps all your strength and good spirits. That is why you can easily perform various physical exercises. Protein-carbohydrate alternation allows you to reduce not muscle mass, but only fat cells. Throughout the diet, you will never suffer from bad moods or depression.

Despite all the positive aspects, there is also a downside to the coin. First, this technique works much slower than other classical ones. There is also a high likelihood of developing gastritis, ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases. Often there are unpleasant reviews about such a weight loss system, because some find it difficult to calculate the daily calorie intake. The effectiveness of the diet has not been confirmed by experts. Many nutritionists claim that this diet does not work for a long time, so it can only be effective in cases where the excess weight is very large.

Here is a sample menu for such a diet.

Protein day:

breakfast: cottage cheese and tea without sugar;

  • lunch: egg omelet;
  • lunch: steamed fish, cucumber;
  • afternoon snack: kefir or yogurt;
  • dinner: chicken breast, steamed or beef stew;
  • before bedtime: fermented baked milk.
  • Protein-carbohydrate alternation
    Protein-carbohydrate alternation

    Carbohydrate days:

    breakfast: muesli (optional - with milk, dried fruits or honey);

    • lunch: 2 apricots or an apple;
    • lunch: rice, buckwheat or pasta with tomato sauce, salad with fresh vegetables, a slice of rye bread;
    • afternoon snack: fruit (optional);
    • dinner: salad of leafy vegetables, fried meat or fish, bread;
    • before bedtime: fermented baked milk or kefir.
    • Protein-carbohydrate days:

      breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits, yogurt;

      • lunch: apple;
      • lunch: rice or buckwheat with steamed fish;
      • afternoon snack: fermented baked milk with honey;
      • dinner: lentils, stews;
      • before bed: fermented baked milk or drinking yogurt.

      Almost everyone who has tried BUCH confirms that the diet is well tolerated. It is contraindicated only for people with kidney problems. It is not easy to stick to it without having the skills to eat healthy food. Remember, it's best to prepare your food just before serving. This will be very beneficial for both your figure and health. Just in case, we advise you to consult your doctor before using this technique.

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