Avocado Dishes

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Avocado Dishes
Avocado Dishes

Video: Avocado Dishes

Video: Avocado Dishes
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Avocado Dishes

Avocado Dishes
Avocado Dishes

Avocado fruits have a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, its beneficial properties are invaluable.

Avocado is prized primarily for the fact that eating its pulp helps to lose weight, breaks down fats and excess cholesterol.

Avocado is rich in vitamins: A, E and D, minerals - potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium; this fruit reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves memory, slows down the aging process and, as the Mexicans claim, is a natural aphrodisiac.

The top of the avocado is covered with a dark green bumpy skin, but it can be smooth. Inside the fruit is a large seed surrounded by fleshy pulp.

The flesh of an avocado has an oily consistency, similar to butter and a delicate, soft, somewhat nutty flavor, quite spicy.

Chicken breast with avocado

We suggest you cook a juicy, tender, delicious chicken in tomato sauce with an unusual, piquant taste.

chicken fillet - 1 pc.

Chicken breast with avocado
Chicken breast with avocado
  • tomato paste (preferably chili) - 1 tbsp
  • curry seasoning - 30 gr.
  • tomatoes - 2 pcs.
  • avocado - 2 pcs.
  • vegetable or olive oil - 3 tablespoons
  • salt, pepper, spices - to taste.
  • First, you need to chop the chicken breast, cutting the fillet first along, and then across - into longitudinal, rather thin, neat pieces, then mix them with chili paste. Then we process the tomatoes - scald them with boiling water, remove the skin and cut the pulp into cubes.

    In a frying pan, preheat the vegetable oil, fry the chicken pieces, add the tomatoes in the process. Reduce the heat a little and cook the resulting mixture for 5-7 minutes adding curry, salt and pepper.

    Remove the skin from the avocado and remove the bone, cut the flesh into oblong cubes and add to the pan to the chicken. Gently, to keep the avocado pieces intact, stir the mixture in a pan, simmer a little more and remove from the stove.

    Avocado and tuna salad

    Avocado and tuna salad
    Avocado and tuna salad

    Summer, light salad, but at the same time very satisfying and tasty, which will not harm your figure and improve your mood. Very easy and quick to prepare.

    avocado - 2 pcs.

    • tuna (canned food) - 185 gr.
    • cucumbers - 2 pcs.
    • mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon
    • garlic (for taste) - 1 tooth.

    We extract the pulp from one avocado and cut it into small cubes, arbitrarily. We put the tuna in a plate, if necessary, divide into pieces, cut the cucumbers into thin strips, but leave a few slices for decoration. Chop the garlic finely and finely. Mix avocado with tuna, cucumber, garlic, salt a little and season with mayonnaise if you want. Now fill the halves of the second avocado with the resulting salad, decorate with cucumber slices, dill. A delicious salad with an exquisite taste is ready.

    Sushi maki with avocado

    Sushi maki with avocado
    Sushi maki with avocado

    Quite exotic, trendy and delicious gourmet dish.

    rice (for sushi) - 200 gr.

    • rice vinegar - 100 ml.
    • sugar - 5 tablespoons
    • salt - 1.5 tbsp. l.
    • kombu (or a small piece of nori) - to taste
    • nori - 8 sheets
    • avocado - 2 pcs.
    • a bowl of water with vinegar or lemon.

    Cooking rice for sushi: we wash the rice in cool water until the water becomes completely transparent. Then put the rice into a saucepan with a rather thick bottom, pour cold water over it, close the lid tightly. Put the pan on fire. We wait for the water to boil, then we increase the heat to the maximum and cook for about 3 minutes. Then again we make the fire less and continue cooking the rice for another 5-6 minutes, in no case removing the lid. After the specified time has elapsed, remove the pan from the stove, but do not remove the lid, but leave it to stand for another 15 minutes.

    To prepare the sauce, mix rice vinegar, sugar, salt, bring to a boil until all the crystals dissolve, add a spoonful of kombu, and if not, nori algae will do (add a piece of nori). Strain the finished sauce. Transfer the rice to a bowl, cool and water thoroughly, soak in the sauce. Chop the rice with a wooden spoon and start processing the avocado. We cut the fruit lengthwise, remove the bone, peel both halves. Cut the avocado lengthwise into a few medium plates, then cut into thin cubes.

    Next, we prepare the rolls directly.

    Spread out a bamboo rug, put a nori sheet on it, spread the rice on it in a thin layer, but leave the top edge blank for a couple of centimeters. Moisten your hands with water and vinegar or lemon so that the rice does not stick to your hands. We put slices of avocado across and roll the nori, it's quite simple, the roll almost rolls itself. You can roll the roll a little more to make it more plump. Cut the maki with a thin knife dipped in water into slices no more than 1.5 cm thick. You can eat maki sushi with avocado!

    Tomato salsa with avocado

    Tomato salsa with avocado
    Tomato salsa with avocado

    A spicy, delicious dish. You will need:

    tomatoes - 2 pcs.

    • basil - 1 bunch.
    • avocado - 1-2 pcs.
    • lemon - 1/2 pc.
    • chili pepper - 1/2 pc.
    • olive oil and salt to taste.

    Scald the tomatoes with boiling water and peel them off. Wash the basil and chop very finely. Cut each of the tomatoes into 4 pieces, after removing the seeds, then cut into cubes. Cut the avocado lengthwise, peel and remove the bone. Cut the peeled pulp into small cubes, combine the tomatoes with avocado in a deep glass bowl, pour over the lemon juice and hide in the refrigerator.

    Remove all seeds from the chili and chop very finely. Add chili and basil to avocado and tomatoes, stir and leave in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Add salt and, if desired, vegetable oil before serving.

    Pancakes with avocado

    Pancakes with avocado
    Pancakes with avocado

    For the test:

    corn flour - 100 gr.

    • wheat flour - 125 gr.
    • sugar - 1 tsp
    • cream - 200 ml.
    • eggs - 2 pcs.
    • butter - 20 gr.
    • baking powder - on the tip of a teaspoon

    For filling:

    avocado - 1 large fruit

    • green onions - bunch
    • tomatoes - 2 pcs.
    • lemon juice - by eye
    • some pepper and salt.

    To prepare the dough, mix all the ingredients and beat with a blender, then leave the resulting mass for 20 minutes. Heat the pan and bake thin pancakes for 1-1.5 minutes on each side.

    Process the avocado - peel and cut into small pieces, sprinkle with lemon juice. Scald the tomatoes and peel them, cut in half and remove the seeds. Mix with avocado and season with salt. Beat the resulting mixture with a mixer for 2 minutes, add the green onion, cut into small pieces.

    Spread the prepared pancakes with the resulting mixture and eat immediately hot. When the pancakes cool down, they are no longer as tasty as hot.

    Several dishes presented to you with the addition of avocado will certainly please you and will make your menu more useful and varied. Look for the rest on our website.

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