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What Days Can You Get Pregnant
What Days Can You Get Pregnant

What days can you get pregnant

Let's turn to the physiology of women. Almost every month, a woman of reproductive age ovulates, this is the day when an egg can be fertilized. According to research, ovulation in a 28-day cycle will occur approximately on day 14, with a 35-day cycle - on the 17th. However, these are all very rough estimates. There are special techniques that allow you to calculate with higher accuracy the days on which you can get pregnant. We will tell you more about them below.

1. Measurement of basal temperature

What days can you get pregnant - Measuring basal temperature
What days can you get pregnant - Measuring basal temperature

It is necessary from the very beginning of the menstrual cycle in the morning, at the same time, after waking up, to measure the basal temperature. You can, in principle, measure the temperature in the mouth, but the most accurate results can be obtained by measuring the temperature in the anus. Errors may occur in some cases: if due to illness or fatigue you have a fever, if you drank a lot of alcohol shortly before measuring, if you slept at night for less than 6 hours, if you had intercourse in less than 6 hours, as well as when taking some medicines. These are not all the nuances.

What days you can get pregnant will help you calculate the calendar, which is based on the schedule. Every day you have to enter the measurement results into it, making a special schedule from them. As a rule, the temperature in the first half of the cycle ranges from 36.6 to 36.9. Immediately after ovulation, it rises to 37 degrees or more. In order to know in advance about your ovulation, you need to follow the schedule very closely. A very slight decrease in temperature on the 12-16th

the day just speaks of the release of the egg from the ovary in the next few hours. Those women who seek to have a child should take appropriate action at this time, and those who use the calendar method to protect themselves (calculates the "dangerous" days of the menstrual cycle), on the contrary, should refrain from intimate relationships or protect themselves with barrier contraception (vaginal cap, condom, spermicide or similar).

What Days Can You Get Pregnant - Ovulation Tests
What Days Can You Get Pregnant - Ovulation Tests

2. Ovulation tests.

This method is much more modern and accurate. They are similar to tests that show pregnancy, and the result is also shown by two stripes. The only difference is that the substance contained in this test reacts with another hormone (LH). This hormone is produced 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. Therefore, it is so important to do daily tests at the same time so as not to miss an important event. The content of LH after sharply decreases, the tests again become "negative". Conveniently, the manufacturers of these tests put several strips into the boxes at once.

3. Ultrasound

If you suspect infertility, it is recommended to diagnose the days on which you can become pregnant using folliculometry, in other words, using ultrasound. From about 10 days after the start of the last menstrual bleeding, you should visit the ultrasound office.

What days can you get pregnant - ultrasound
What days can you get pregnant - ultrasound

The specialist will evaluate the growth of the dominant follicle in the ovary. When it reaches a diameter of 18-24 mm, it ruptures, and the egg comes out, waiting for fertilization. Occasionally, such a follicle does not lead to ovulation. For various reasons, it may regress or not rupture.

The main signs that a favorable period for conception has come will be seen by the doctor on the monitor: this is a corpus luteum in the ovary and the absence of a dominant follicle, a little fluid in the retinal space. The main thing now is to fertilize the sperm egg, so that it is implanted for further development where it should, namely, in the wall of the uterus.

The quality of the endometrium plays a significant role in this process; by the time of ovulation, it must also reach a certain thickness, otherwise the egg will not be able to attach, it will die. This method is not economical. It is better to use it for those who really want, but for a long time cannot have a child.

4. Your subjective feelings

There is a category of women who feel when, on what day they can get pregnant. They have special sensations from cycle to cycle, from which conclusions can be drawn. Signs such as increased sexual desire, pain in the lower abdomen, in the area of ​​one of the ovaries, and profuse vaginal discharge are very common. An experienced gynecologist will notice them immediately. These secretions are transparent, odorless, disappear without a trace after 2-3 days.

It is also important to remember that not every menstrual cycle has days when you can get pregnant. Every woman has anovulatory cycles at least 1-2 times a year.

Listen to your body and you will definitely achieve the desired result

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