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Video: How To Celebrate The Year Of The Rabbit?

Video: How To Celebrate The Year Of The Rabbit?
How To Celebrate The Year Of The Rabbit?
How To Celebrate The Year Of The Rabbit?

How to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit?

New Year's costumes
New Year's costumes

You need to think over your New Year's outfit in advance so that on December 31 after work you do not run frantically through the half-closed shops with bulging eyes shouting "Ahhh, I have nothing to wear !!!"

The easiest and most interesting option is to dress up in a fancy dress like a rabbit or a cat. Imagine the photos you will get: "rabbits drinking for broodershaft", "rabbits against cats: wall to wall", "drunk rabbit eating salad", "cats with sparklers", etc.

If you don't have a suit, then you can limit yourself to ears and tails, they are now sold in almost all stores, and it's not difficult to make them yourself.

As you already know, the coming year is the Year of the White Rabbit. Is it really necessary to celebrate the New Year in all white? Logically, yes. But not everyone suits white, and I don't really want to merge with the snow and be knocked down by a snowblower.

If you nevertheless decide to dress in white, then it is worth remembering the rules of white clothes: "Do not wear white, do not wear tight-fitting clothes, and finally …". Just kidding, these are not the rules. Here's what to remember:

  1. You should not dress in white from head to toe, dilute your outfit with bright shades of other colors.
  2. Wear only flesh-colored underwear under white clothing.
  3. White clothes are the most easily soiled, so you need to wear them carefully, and wash them after each use.

Do not forget the most important thing - white color makes you look fat, so if you have a little curvaceous shape, it is better to avoid it. Although there is an opinion that the correct white does not make you look fat. But how to find out which of the white shades is correct is not clear.

Then what color should you wear on New Year's Eve? Let's see what the horoscope says to us:

White Rabbit Costume
White Rabbit Costume

Aries are recommended to dress in white, although purple and orange are also acceptable.

Taurus are also better off dressing up in white, purple and orange, although blue is also fine.

Any shade of green is recommended for Gemini.

For Cancers, it is best to wear blue or purple clothing.

Leos are advised to dress in blue.

Virgos should choose clothes of any shade of red, green or blue, you can combine some of these colors.

The Libra must decide for themselves what color they want to dress in, there are no special recommendations for them on this New Year's Eve.

Scorpios should be in white and only in white, do not wear colorful clothes and it is better to refrain from gold jewelry.

Any shade of blue will do for Sagittarius.

Capricorns, like twins, are encouraged to use any shade of green.

It is best for Aquarius to dress in yellow or orange clothing.

Pisces are recommended white and any shades of yellow.

In any case, the choice of the color of clothing is a matter for every person. You need to dress smartly, but the main thing is convenient and comfortable, because you never know in advance what the New Year's Eve will bring and where it will lead.

Happy New Year to you!

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