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Video: Visualization Of Your Goals And Its Role

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Video: Achieve Your Dreams through Visualization | Pete Canalichio | TEDxGeorgiaStateU 2023, February
Visualization Of Your Goals And Its Role
Visualization Of Your Goals And Its Role

Visualization of your goals and its role

The next step is to write down your goals on cards or paper in the form of statements, which we will call “statements”.

1. Your statements should be personality-oriented (of course). Use the word: "I"

It is best to use the combination "I must", "I need". Your subconscious mind responds only if you give it a direct command in a personal form. Anything that is said with the word "I must" has real power.

It is best to mix this statement with a nice phrase:

"I am happy and grateful that I owe ______________ (goal)."

2. Further, your statements should be written in the present tense, not in the future, and without a question mark

The subconscious mind can only execute commands that are given in real time. It also does not understand an interrogative sentence.

The subconscious mind is very much like a child. If you tell your child just once to clean his / her room every day at a specific time, what will happen? Nothing … the child most likely will not do this unless you give him this command every time. Over time, he will develop a habit, and he (she) will do it himself, but by that time, he (she) may no longer be a child.

Think about your goal not in the future tense, but as if you have already reached it.

3. Write the goal in a positive way

Your subconscious mind will move you towards the goal, regardless of whether the goal is correct or not. Therefore, write only what you need. Don't write what you don't want or what you won't do. The subconscious mind will not be able to distinguish a negative command from a positive one. “I will not eat sweets” is perceived by the subconscious as “I will eat sweets”, and the command “I will not skip workouts” is understood as “I will skip workouts”. The subconscious mind does not perceive the "NOT" particle, because it focuses on specific images, and not on their absence.

Therefore, it is necessary to replace phrases like "I will not eat sweets" with the phrase "I will eat useful". Try it and see for yourself. This is a very important point!

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