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Video: Vibrating Massager Larsen Shape

Video: Vibrating Massager Larsen Shape
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Vibrating Massager Larsen Shape
Vibrating Massager Larsen Shape

Vibrating massager Larsen Shape

Many people feel tired at the end of the week, after driving or after a hard day at work. Vibro-massager Larsen Shape will help you to relax, it promotes the speedy recovery of the body's forces, according to its manufacturers. What other characteristics does this vibrating massager have?

The Larsen Shape vibrating massager has a power of 100 W, 4 load levels, it is convenient and easy to switch speeds.

Vibrating massager Larsen Shape
Vibrating massager Larsen Shape

With its help, changing the mode, you can easily perform several types of massage, namely:

weak massage for relaxation and relaxation (1 speed);

  • normal massage, which will improve blood circulation, relieve tension; as well as tonic massage (2 speed);
  • a strong massage designed to improve blood circulation. In addition, you can do corrective, anti-cellulite massage (speed 3);
  • a very strong massage - this is an intensified corrective and anti-cellulite massage (4 speed).

The weight of the user of the vibrating massager should not exceed 100 kg, as it is written in the instructions. The massager itself weighs 20 kg. It is made in China and has a fairly affordable price (less than 10,000 rubles).

Vibrating massager LARSEN SHAPE
Vibrating massager LARSEN SHAPE

According to the manufacturers, constant exercises on this vibrating massager show excellent results: adipose tissue is reduced, the user gets rid of cellulite, the skin is healed, muscles are maintained in good shape, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin are preserved.

The package includes 5 different massage belts, these are:

combined tape (roller + needle "thousand fingers");

  • "Cone" anti-cellulite tape;
  • 2 single relaxing arms and legs tapes;
  • "Criss-cross" double general therapeutic tape, warming up the muscles;
  • 2 ribbons with hand grips.

The Larsen Shape massager, judging by the reviews, is well suited for strengthening connective tissues (it will help get rid of cellulite), for relieving muscle tension or pain. The new design of this electric vibrating massager will beautify any interior.

According to the manufacturers, the Larsen Shape vibrating massager differs from its competitors with beneficial advantages:

has a stationary attachment to the base, which makes it more reliable and stronger, increases the resistance of the structure to any vibration;

  • the massage rollers and belts use a soft anti-allergenic material;
  • the footrest is made of unbreakable glass.
  • Vibrating massager LARSEN SHAPE
    Vibrating massager LARSEN SHAPE

    As follows from the instructions, the Larsen Shape vibrating massager can be used as follows:

    to strengthen the muscles of the press;

    • for back massage, hands;
    • giving elasticity to the thighs, as well as the calf muscles;
    • for body shaping in problem areas, as well as getting rid of extra centimeters;
    • to improve blood supply, increase overall muscle tone;
    • as prevention, treatment of osteochondrosis;
    • you can do therapeutic, restorative massage;
    • as anti-stress therapy, relaxation and relaxation, relieve fatigue.

    Vibrating massager manufacturers indicate many of its advantages. It is stylish design, high power, sufficient for slimming effect, and its ergonomic shape, and its relatively low cost. In our opinion, the following advantages are most attractive:

    long term of warranty service;

    • several massage tapes;
    • versatility in use: the massager is suitable for both home use and small gyms;
    • relatively low noise level.

    The disadvantages, in our opinion, include the fact that the massager does not fold. This is inconvenient for the small apartment that most of us have. Among the reviews about the simulator there are both positive and negative: some girls who used it for weight loss did not experience a positive effect on themselves, but, who knows, maybe they simply did not adjust their diet.

    In any case, the choice is yours.

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