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Video: Vitamins For Hair And Nails

Video: Vitamins For Hair And Nails
Vitamins For Hair And Nails
Vitamins For Hair And Nails

Vitamins for hair and nails

Many diseases progress without overt symptoms. Hair and nails are a kind of indicator, they will help to understand that a malfunction has occurred in the body. Most often, they signal a lack of certain vitamins. In order to take action in time, watch out for the following signs of a lack of vitamins for hair and nails.

Vitamins for hair and nails
Vitamins for hair and nails

Signs of a lack of vitamins for hair and nails:

Nails: changes in the structure, color, density and even shape of nails indicate an insufficient amount of vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as calcium and magnesium. Nails became brittle, peeling, stopped growing rapidly, and instead of pink and shiny, they became dull and yellowish, and sometimes into a small white speck? This is not always a reaction to a new nail polish, most often these signs indicate a metabolic disorder.

  • Hair: Dryness, brittleness, dullness, split ends and profuse hair loss are clear signs of a lack of vitamin E, which is essential for the production of keratin, the main constituent of hair and nails. Also, a lack of vitamins is indicated by the appearance of gray hair or dandruff on some parts of the head, itching and rash of small abscesses on the surface of the scalp.
  • Signs of a lack of vitamins for hair and nails
    Signs of a lack of vitamins for hair and nails

    Foods containing essential vitamins:

    Vitamin A: spinach, cod liver, citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, broccoli, red caviar, egg yolk, heavy cream, cheese, carrots, sorrel, butter;

    • Vitamin B1: beef, legumes, yeast, brown and wild rice, hazelnuts, oatmeal, egg white;
    • Vitamin B2: cheese, oats, rye, liver, broccoli, wheat germ;
    • Vitamin B3: yeast, eggs;
    • Vitamin B5: fish, beef, chicken, rice, liver, heart, mushrooms, yeast, beets, cauliflower, legumes;
    • Vitamin B6: cottage cheese, buckwheat, potatoes, cod liver, milk, bananas, walnuts, avocado, corn, salad;
    • Vitamin B9: fish, cheese, egg yolk, dates, melon, mushrooms, green peas, pumpkin, oranges, buckwheat, lettuce, milk, wholemeal flour;
    • Vitamin B12: yeast, fish, lean beef, herring, kelp, cottage cheese, oysters, veal liver, milk;
    • Vitamin C: rose hips, kiwi, bell peppers, citrus fruits, black currants, broccoli, green vegetables, apricots;
    • Vitamin D: milk, dairy products, fish oil, butter, parsley, egg yolk;
    • Vitamin E: olive oil, peas, sea buckthorn, almonds, bell peppers.
    • Foods containing essential vitamins
      Foods containing essential vitamins

      Most often, the vitamins contained in food are not enough to make up for their lack in the body, so it makes sense to pay attention to the vitamin and mineral complexes that are offered in pharmacies.

      Vitamins for hair and nails from the pharmacy:

      The convenience of ready-made preparations is that the composition of vitamins and minerals in them is selected taking into account the daily needs of the body, balanced and aimed at solving complex problems. Indeed, in addition to a number of vitamins, hair requires minerals such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium is indispensable for nails. The body should receive per day:

      Vitamin A: 1.5 - 2.5 mg.

      • Vitamin B1: 1.3 - 1.7 mg.
      • Vitamin B2: 1.9 - 2.5 mg.
      • Vitamin B6: 1.5 - 2.3 mg.
      • Vitamin B12: 0.005 - 0.008 mg.
      • Vitamin C: 60 - 85 mg.
      • Vitamin D: 0.025 mg.
      • Vitamin E: 2 - 6 mg.
      • Vitamins for hair and nails from food
        Vitamins for hair and nails from food

        Considering the above figures, you need to carefully study the composition of the product, because an excess of vitamins can cause the same harm as their lack. Remember that signs of a lack of vitamins for hair and nails can appear after and during the use of certain diets for weight loss, so listen carefully to the signs that the body gives and be healthy.

        Vitamins for hair and nails
        Vitamins for hair and nails

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