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Video: All About Fitball

Video: All About Fitball
Video: Fitball or stability ball exercise for all exercise levels. 2023, March
All About Fitball
All About Fitball

All about fitball

"Fitball, or, in other words," Swiss ball "
"Fitball, or, in other words," Swiss ball "

Fitball, or, in other words, Swiss Ball, was developed in 1963 by Aquilino Kosani, an Italian plastics manufacturer. These balls were formerly known as "Pezzi balls" and were first used by Mary Quinton, an English physiotherapist, in the treatment of newborns and babies. A little later, physician Susan Kleinfogelbach made the use of orthopedic ball procedures as physical therapy in the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders (for example, in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy).

In general, the use of fitballs of different sizes was used in aerobics as early as the mid-50s. The specificity of such aerobics with fitball is that it significantly reduces the shock load on the legs, and this makes it possible to practice fitball aerobics and the elderly, and those who have varicose veins, or who have damaged knee and ankle joints, overweight …

Fitball looks like a large elastic ball, with a diameter of 55 to 75 cm, some models are able to withstand up to 300 kg of weight. Fitballs are made of a fairly strong PVC material, they are supplemented with an anti-burst, as well as an explosion-proof safety system. If you accidentally puncture or cut it, the gymnastic ball will not explode or burst, but will only slowly release air from the hole.

Fitball looks like a big elastic ball, with a diameter of 55 to 75 cm
Fitball looks like a big elastic ball, with a diameter of 55 to 75 cm

So, we got acquainted with the history of the creation of fitball. Let's now move on to the question of how to properly practice fitball.

Since fitball is a program that contains the simplest exercises, which are performed either sitting or lying on a special gymnastic ball, this type of sport is the most gentle for the spine, and especially for the lower back.

Before starting to perform the procedures, you need to make sure that the fitball does not slip. If you press lightly on the fitball, then it should be pressed about 2.5 cm inward. The less stability your fitball has, the harder it is to balance on it. Seen from a different angle, a fitball that is too soft will significantly reduce exercise intensity.

The correct posture for exercising - your body + hips, thighs + ankles, ankles + legs should be at an angle of 90 degrees, your back is straight, your head is slightly raised, your palms are on the back of the ball, your feet should be shoulder width apart, while they should be parallel to each other. This position guarantees stability and symmetry, which are very important for maintaining correct posture.

Fitball exercises
Fitball exercises

Exercises performed in a sitting position can develop the pelvic muscles and are good for preventing urogenital disorders such as prolapse of the kidneys and prolapse of the uterus. Exercises performed in the supine position are very good at strengthening the back muscles as well as the abdominal muscles. Rolling in different directions on a gymnastic ball while lying on the surface of the ball helps to relax and relieve back pain. Exercises in a position with an emphasis on the hands with knees improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, relieves stress from the spine, thus relieving pain in the lower back.

Let's note the main advantages of training with fitball.

  1. Exercises with a gymnastic ball allow you to exert stress on most muscle groups, they can also help to improve posture, significantly improve coordination, and increase flexibility.
  2. Fitballs are designed to help strengthen key muscle groups while focusing on strength, balance, weight distribution, posture and coordination.
  3. The round shape of the ball can help to make movements with much greater amplitude, its instability forces the muscles to be kept in tension to maintain balance at all times.
  4. Exercise during pregnancy is an excellent method of maintaining well-being for the mother and her baby throughout the entire period. The fairer sex has every chance to use fitball as a chair.
  5. Exercises with fitball will help relieve tension, stress, and calm the nervous system.

Fitball is an excellent simulator for problem areas. Your classes will be happy, with which you will gain an excellent figure.

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