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Video: Herbalife

Video: Herbalife
Video: ВСЯ ПРАВДА О ГЕРБАЛАЙФ - Можно ли похудеть без вреда для здоровья на продуктах Herbalife 2023, September


First, let's listen to what the representative of Herbalife International itself, the director of public relations Ms. Gillian Ford says about her product: “All 10 products of Herbalife International are in no way drugs and therefore cannot help. in the treatment of any disease."

"Herbalife products can be consumed by anyone, although those suffering from serious medical conditions should consult their doctor before switching to any weight management regimen."

Even the above allows us to conclude that Herbalife itself is harmless and useless.

However, the following statement by Mrs. Gillian Ford is worth considering:

"The program for the use of Herbalife products is aimed at reducing or maintaining a person's weight and at the same time improving his nutrition."

How do you lose weight and improve nutrition?

Representatives of the company do not hide the answer: it is necessary, simultaneously with the use of "Herbalife" (the price of a monthly set is on average $ 150), to reduce the daily calorie intake to 700 kcal per day.

Well, it should be noted, quite a good recommendation. True, 700 kcal per day is still too strict, it is better to consume at least 900-1100 kcal per day, but in general, of course, such a sharp decrease in the calorie content of the diet will inevitably lead to weight loss.

Yes, but what does the Herbalife drugs have to do with it? For what, actually, to pay 150 dollars, if the whole effect of weight loss is provided only by lowering the calorie intake?

However, with regard to "Herbalife", then everything turned out to be somewhat more complicated.

This company does not make its money by selling its drugs at all. The business of this company is the sale of so-called contracts and this scheme of making money "out of thin air" is called the ingenious invention of the owner of this company.

Here's how to do it.

First, a beautiful myth has been created that goes something like this. In his youth, company president Mark Hughes' mother died. She was obese and really wanted to lose weight. She began a course of fasting, but her body could not stand it. Mark Hughes was shocked and started looking for safe weight loss products. He took into account dietary recommendations, and the traditions of Tibetan medicine, and even research by scientists from the American Space Agency on the development of food for astronauts. These long searches have led to the creation of a wonderful product - "Herbalife". But Mark Hughes considers nutritional issues to be very delicate and does not recognize Herbalife publicity for moral reasons. Therefore, he distributes his ingenious product through enterprising people - distributors.

Secondly, Herbalife has indeed created a multilevel pyramidal distribution network.

And here the most interesting thing happens - the company draws up a paid agreement with each distributor ($ 125). That's all, it's done. The company no longer needs to sell Herbalife. It is enough to sell a contract and a beautiful legend. A simple piece of paper is exchanged for money.

And how then the distributor will lie to his friends about the wonderful properties of Herbalife in order to sell these herbal preparations and at least justify their money, the company is no longer interested. Her business is not selling Herbalife at all, but selling contracts to distributors.

However, the question remains open: why do people buy Herbalife with its 700 kilocalories of the daily diet, if they themselves can reduce their diet to 700 kcal and not pay anyone for it? The result will still be the same.

The answer is simple: people dream of getting a miracle pill and, sucking it while lying on the couch, comfortably lose weight. The demand for a "miracle" gives rise to the supply of this "miracle".