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Video: Divination For New Year And Christmas
Video: Гадание на Старый Новый Год / New year divination. 2023, February
Divination For New Year And Christmas
Divination For New Year And Christmas

Divination for New Year and Christmas


New Year is probably the most anticipated holiday. At this fabulous time, there is a high probability that all our dreams and desires will come true. For a long time, girls gathered on this day and began to guess … In Russia, New Year's Eve was very popular for fortune-telling from December 31 to January 1 (this is according to the new style, and according to the old - from January 12 to 13), as well as in the Christmas week - after Christmas celebrated on January 7 and on Epiphany on January 19.

New Year's fortune-telling is carried out from December 25 to January 17. Knowledgeable people do not recommend fortune telling on Sundays and Mondays.

It is believed that with the help of fortune-telling you can at least a little look into your future …

Fortune telling on glasses on New Year's Eve

Fortune telling on glasses
Fortune telling on glasses

Take four glasses, fill them halfway with water. Put a quarter teaspoon of sugar in 1 glass; in 2 - salts; in 3 - bread; at 4, lower the ring. The fortuneteller is blindfolded, turned away from the glasses, twisted around their axis once or twice, at the same time the glasses are rearranged. The fortuneteller is brought in. His task is to choose a glass.

With sugar - happiness and success await in the New Year.

With salt - tears cannot be avoided.

With bread - a profitable year.

With a ring - family comfort.

New Year's fortune telling

To predict if you will be rich next year, do this fortune telling. Fortune telling is very simple, does not require special training. Take three plates and one coin, and have someone hide the coin under one of the plates. Go to another room yourself. Then return to the room, select the plate, under which you think there is a coin. If you guessed right the first time, in the New Year your financial situation will noticeably improve. If from the second - you will also have money.

Card reading

Card reading
Card reading

On New Year's Eve, lay the cards face down in 4 piles. Remove cards from the first pile until an ace appears. Look at the next card: if it's an ace again, connect it with the first one and open the next one: send the ace to your “colleagues”, and send any other card to the bat (you won't need it anymore).

The challenge is to find the aces that follow each other. Suppose you hit first an ace, then another card, then another ace. In this case, you only need the first ace. All other cards and non-following aces are sent to the bat. Disassemble the other three piles in the same way. As a result, you may have one ace, two, three, four. The wish will come true only for the owner of 4 aces, 3 aces - a quick fulfillment of the wish, 2 aces - not soon, one - there is no hope. You can make any wishes for the “four aces”. One of them will definitely come true!

Fortune-telling for love - on matches

Two matches are inserted on the sides of the matchbox and set on fire. If the heads that have burned out will be facing each other, then the envisioned guy and girl will be together next year.

Fortune telling by setting fire to paper

On New Year's Eve and on Christmastide, girls pour half of water into a cup, and a piece of paper with their surname is glued to the edges. A lighted candle is glued into the walnut shell of such a size that the flame can set fire to a piece of paper. The shell is put into water. In the event that a candle floats up to someone's piece of paper and sets fire, the wish will come true. You can also find out your fate if you stick pieces of paper with different questions on the edges of the cup, for example: "Will I get married", "Will I get rich", etc. - at the request of the fortuneteller.

Divination by the shadows

Fortune telling on coffee
Fortune telling on coffee

Take a newspaper, wrinkle it with your hands so that it turns into a shapeless mass, and do not try to turn the paper into a ball. Then the newspaper is placed on the bottom of the overturned plate and set on fire. The burnt paper is brought to the wall, and, turning the plate, they look at the shadow, judging the future by its outlines. Just be careful with fire!

Fortune telling on coffee

Thick, strong black coffee without sugar and cream is the key to correct fortune telling on the coffee grounds. Before you start fortune-telling, clearly formulate your question. It is desirable that it be extremely simple, then the answer will be clear and definite.

After you have drunk coffee, leaving a little (about a teaspoon) of coffee at the bottom, "shaking" and turning the cup over on the saucer, you can begin to interpret the patterns on the saucer, the walls and the bottom of the cup. The spots inside the cup tell about the future, in the saucer - about the past.

Fortune telling on the chimes

An hour before the chimes, write your most cherished wish on a small piece of paper. When the chimes start beating, set the leaf on fire, and if it has time to burn out by the final blow, the wish will certainly come true.

Fortune telling by the name of the betrothed

In Russia, there was also such a fortune-telling. On Christmastide, the girl took a cake or bread, in the evening she ran out into the street and asked the first man she met, what was his name. It was believed that her husband would have the same name. This fortune-telling had many different options: with the first piece in the mouth, with a pancake on the head. Sometimes they asked a passerby: "What is the name of my betrothed?" By the way, even single guys were involved in the name. Sometimes this type of fortune telling is used today.

Fortune telling by candle

Fortune telling by candle
Fortune telling by candle

Heat the candle in a water bath, immediately pour the wax into a large plate of cold water. The hardening wax forms the outlines of objects by which the future is judged. So, a horseshoe promises happiness, an asterisk - receiving the expected news. By the way, such a figurine can be saved as a talisman for memory. If something shapeless has formed, your imagination will help you decipher the signs of fate.

Divination on the ring

Take an ordinary glass with a flat bottom, pour water into it, lower the wedding ring, previously cleaned, into the middle. Then look through the water to the middle of the ring. A little later you will be able to see the image of your betrothed. There are several conditions - fortune telling should take place at midnight and by candlelight. During fortune-telling, the girl should be alone.

As we can see, many methods of fortune telling were invented in Russia. They captivated absolutely everyone. Of course, fortune-telling on Christmastide, on New Year's and Christmas was especially prominent. This timing is not surprising, because even in paganism, as in the days of Orthodoxy, fortune telling was associated with major holidays for people.

It was believed that it was on these days that mystical forces were most active, and a successful outcome of fortune-telling was guaranteed.

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