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Video: Hypertonicity Of The Uterus

Video: Hypertonicity Of The Uterus
Video: Uterine Hyperstimulation 2023, March
Hypertonicity Of The Uterus
Hypertonicity Of The Uterus

Hypertonicity of the uterus

Hypertonicity of the uterus
Hypertonicity of the uterus

To define the concept of hypertonicity of the uterus, other phrases are also used: "uterus in good shape", "increased tone of the uterus". What it is? The uterus is, as you know, a woman's reproductive organ, which consists of three layers: a thin film, muscle fibers, and the endometrium, which covers the uterine cavity from the inside. Muscle fibers have the ability to contract, in other words, come to tone.

Nature provides that during pregnancy the muscles of the uterus do not contract, they are in a relaxed state. But if the muscular layer of the uterus for some reason is exposed to stimuli, it contracts, contracting. A certain pressure is created, which depends on the strength of the contractions, in this case they speak of an increased tone of the uterus. The condition in which the muscles of the uterus are relaxed and calm during pregnancy is called normotonus.

Hypertonicity of the uterus is considered a dangerous symptom of the threat of involuntary termination of pregnancy, and in the later stages - premature birth, so every pregnant woman should know how it manifests itself: these are pulling, unpleasant pains in the lower abdomen, in the lumbar region or sacrum; pain in the pubic area often appears. In the lower abdomen, the girl experiences a feeling of fullness. After the first trimester in women, when the tummy is quite large, there are sensations as if the uterus is stone. Usually, hypertonicity is diagnosed by feeling at the doctor's office or by ultrasound. An ultrasound can show the tone of the uterus, even if the woman does not feel it.

Let's talk now about the causes of uterine hypertonicity. There are a whole lot of them. In the early stages, for example, these are various hormonal disorders in a woman's body, structural changes in the walls of the uterus (fibroids, endometriosis), various inflammatory diseases of female organs (appendages, uterus, ovaries), and so on. Also, the cause can be stress, strong emotional shock, severe fear. It should be added that excessive activity, hard physical work is contraindicated for a pregnant woman; instead, she needs high-quality, proper rest and sleep.

Hypertonicity of the uterus
Hypertonicity of the uterus

Scientists have found that the following women are at risk:

with underdeveloped genitals;

  • those who have had abortions;
  • with weak immunity;
  • under the age of 18 and over 30;
  • having inflammatory diseases of the female organs;
  • drinkers, smokers, have other bad habits;
  • regularly exposed to chemicals;
  • are in bad relations with the husband, with other family members.
  • Hypertonicity of the uterus
    Hypertonicity of the uterus

    For a child who is in the womb, uterine hypertonicity is dangerous because it disrupts the blood supply to the placenta, which leads to oxygen starvation and, as a result, growth and development retardation.

    If you are in position and feel pain in the abdomen, a "stone" uterus, the first thing to do is to go to bed. Sometimes this is enough to relax the uterus. This should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible. And especially if it happens periodically. Stress and exertion are especially dangerous during this period.

    As a rule, in case of hypertonicity of the uterus, the doctor prescribes antispasmodic drugs (papaverine, no-shpa), sedatives (tinctures of motherwort, valerian, etc.). A pregnant woman is hospitalized if the tone of the uterus is accompanied by contractions and pain.

    In the early stages of pregnancy, women are prescribed morning or dyufaston. After 16-18 weeks, Ginipral, Brikanil, Partusisten are used. Magne-B6 is often used to relieve hypertonicity. Before using any drug, be sure to consult with a specialist, your body and the course of pregnancy are individual, it is better to hear the opinion of a specialist.

    Now you know the reasons for the appearance of uterine hypertonicity during pregnancy, prevention of the appearance of this dangerous symptom is in your hands. Every pregnant woman simply needs to rest often, try to think positively. Stress is extremely undesirable for you at this time, explain this to your colleagues at work and others. Sleep should be complete, the intake of vitamin and mineral complexes is mandatory. The most important thing in these 9 months is to create favorable conditions for the development of the baby. Everything else will wait.

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