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Video: Wedding Anniversaries

Video: Wedding Anniversaries
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Wedding Anniversaries
Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries
Wedding anniversaries

The tradition of celebrating a wedding anniversary dates back more than 200 years. It was available only to people of the upper class, since ordinary people had neither money nor free time for this. But after a while, this inequality disappeared, and a symbolic name was even invented for each such holiday. So, the wedding day is Green Day. On this day, the bride and groom were decorated with a wreath of myrtle. And, for example, in England this tradition exists in our time in the circle of royal families.

The wedding anniversary is 1 year. People call it a chintz wedding. It is believed that a year of marriage is similar to a fragile fabric - chintz. This is because the newlyweds do not know each other enough in the everyday environment. On this anniversary, according to tradition, they drink a bottle of champagne that remains from the day of the wedding. Newlyweds give each other chintz handkerchiefs. In Germany, the symbol of this anniversary is paper, in England and France - cotton.

Wedding anniversary - 2 years. Relationships are still being tested, so this anniversary is called a paper anniversary. Such gifts as books, notebooks, albums and other paper souvenirs are actual for this day. As for other countries, in France it is a leather anniversary, in Germany and the Scandinavian countries - a cotton one.

Wedding anniversary - 3 years. This time is quite enough to learn to understand and forgive each other. This day in Russia is called a leather wedding, but this skin is very tender and young. On this day, it is customary to exchange gifts such as leather gloves, jackets, wallets and more. In Germany and France, grains of wheat are exchanged on this day.

The wedding anniversary is 4 years. The symbol of this date in Russia is the flax plant, which denotes wealth and luxury, in Germany - amber, in England - flowers and fruits. There should be beautiful candles on the festive table. A variety of linen products are obligatory gifts. Linen is much stronger than chintz, which means that the relationship of the spouses has become much stronger.

Wedding anniversaries
Wedding anniversaries

Wedding anniversary - 5 years. A wooden wedding is a very serious date. On this day, you need to give wood products. Wood is a fairly durable material, which is why it was chosen as a symbol of the 5th anniversary of married life.

Wedding anniversary - 10 years. This anniversary is called the pewter or pink wedding. Family relationships are so strong that spouses understand each other perfectly. On this anniversary, it is customary to invite witnesses who were at the wedding and their own children. The spouse should give his wife a beautiful bouquet of roses as a sign of strong love and understanding.

Anniversary - 15 years, or glass wedding. This material does not signify fragility, but ideal purity in the relationship between husband and wife. As gifts, you need to give a variety of glassware - crystal vases, glasses, salad bowls and sets of wine glasses.

Anniversary - 20 years, or porcelain wedding. There is no exact origin of the name. But it is believed that almost all the dishes presented on the wedding day have already been broken, which is why you need to hurry up and renew the availability of porcelain sets. Another legend says that the relationship of the spouses is as mysterious as the recipe for making Chinese porcelain, which has not been solved to this day.

Anniversary - 25 years of married life. This date has a very beautiful name, because the relationship is compared with the precious metal - silver. It's hard to believe that the couple have been together for a quarter of a century, have experienced many good moments, and faced many difficulties.

The pearl wedding is celebrated on the 30th anniversary of marriage. Pearls are also an expensive piece of jewelry, but items made from artificial pearls can also be presented as gifts. From this date, the symbols of the rest are precious materials - metal or stones.

35th anniversary - coral or linen wedding (this name is rarely used, because the 4th anniversary has an identical name). Gifts on this day are most often tablecloths, towels or napkins, because red corals are not too affordable for most people, although they are a symbol of health and a happy life together.

Anniversary - 40 Years - Ruby Wedding. Ruby is a fiery stone, it symbolizes love and fiery passion. It is a very hard stone, similar to a diamond, so it is difficult to split, like a marriage with a 40-year term. As gifts, the husband and wife should exchange rings, wherever there are rubies.

50th Anniversary - Golden Wedding. Indeed, only pure and strong love helped to live up to such a significant date. Children and grandchildren rightfully organize a second wedding - with festive outfits and new gold rings, and the old ones give them to their grandchildren as a valuable family heirloom.

Wedding anniversaries
Wedding anniversaries

Many anniversaries do not often know the names of anniversaries (most often they know about the silver one - 25 years old and the gold one - 50 years old), some do not remember exactly the date of their wedding. Maybe this is not so important, the main thing is that love, order and mutual understanding reign in the family.

Calico - 1 year

Paper - 2 years

Leather - 3 years

Linen - 4 years

Wooden - 5 years

Cast iron - 6 years

Zinc - 6.5 years

Copper - 7 years

Tinplate - 8 years

Faience (chamomile) - 9 years

Pewter - 10 years

Steel - 11 years

Nickel - 12 years

Lace (lily of the valley) - 13 years

Agate - 14 years old

Glass (crystal) - 15 years

Topaz - 16 years old

Pink wedding - 17 years

Turquoise - 18 years old

Pomegranate wedding - 19 years

Porcelain - 20 years

Opal - 21 years old

Bronze - 22 years old

Beryl - 23 years

Satin - 24 years

Silver - 25 years old

Jade - 26 years old

Mahogany - 27 years old

Nickel wedding - 28 years

Velvet - 29 years old

Pearl - 30 years

Swarthy - 31 years old

Amber - 34 years old

Coral - 35 years old

36th anniversary - not celebrated

Muslinovaya - 37 years old

Aluminum - 37.5 years

Mercury - 38 years old

Crepe - 39 years old

Ruby - 40 years

41-43 wedding anniversaries - not celebrated

Topaz - 44 years old

Sapphire - 45 years old

Lavender - 46 years old

Cashmere - 47 years old

Amethyst - 48 years old

Kedrovaya - 49 years old

Wedding anniversaries
Wedding anniversaries

Gold - 50 years

51-54 wedding anniversaries - not celebrated

Emerald - 55 years old

56-59 wedding anniversaries - not celebrated

Diamond - 60 years

61-64 wedding anniversaries - not celebrated

Iron - 65 years old

66-67 wedding anniversaries - not celebrated

Stone wedding - 67.5 years

68-69 wedding anniversaries - not celebrated

Blagodatnaya - 70 years

Crown - 75 years old

Oak - 80 years old

Red - 100 years old

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