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Valentine's Day. How To Mark?
Valentine's Day. How To Mark?

Valentine's Day. How to mark?

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

It's hard to believe that even 10 years ago in Russia no one knew about such a character as Saint Valentine. Now every year on February 14, in honor of him, we give each other cards, romantic surprises and kisses. In this article, we will remember who Saint Valentine was, and also give advice on how to celebrate this wonderful holiday together.

Who is this Valentine?

Many centuries ago, on February 14, a priest from Rome was executed. He was executed for trying to help lovers. At that time, the emperor of Rome Claudius II in every possible way prevented marriage unions, believing that this prevents men from concentrating on the military field.

Fortunately, this is the 21st century, and no one thinks to hinder couples in love. If you want to spend this day in a special way, so that you can live a whole year with a feeling of joy, warmth and love in your heart until the next holiday, our tips will help you with this!

The most common way to celebrate Valentine's Day is, of course, a candlelit dinner with fondue, fruit and good alcohol. The advantages of such a celebration are economy, silence and tranquility. You can do whatever you want: collect a beautiful puzzle, feed each other, take a bath together. The disadvantages of such homemade dinners are that they are not recommended to be repeated often, so as not to become boring. They are not suitable for newlyweds with children.

Happy valentine day
Happy valentine day

You can celebrate Valentine's Day at home in a different way. Take blank discs and your shared photos electronically. Create a photo collage. Give each photo a name, choose a photo for the cover. By doing this with your soul mate, you will remember where and when you took pictures. We guarantee a lot of positive emotions! After the holiday, take the disc and photo to a special studio, where the image will be transferred to the disc itself. Several such discs can be made, one for each year.

If you are just dating, and homemade romantic dinners are ahead, you can book a table in a cozy cafe. This advice is also suitable for couples who can get away from their children and relatives for a short time. Take care of this in advance, as popular establishments take up much earlier than the holiday.

People who lead an active lifestyle may find it boring to sit still all evening. If you are one of them, then our advice is to go this evening to a concert of your favorite band, a positive performance or a musical. Of course, tickets for such events also need to be redeemed in advance.

If you can't afford concert tickets, then it's a good idea to celebrate February 14 at the ice rink. After all, the snow will soon melt. It seems only at first glance that spring is very far away. It doesn't matter if you know how to ride. If not, then let February 14 also be a day of discovery for you. Together with your loved one, choose where you will go: there are a lot of people in the open area; the closed skating rink is not the only place where there is a wardrobe and a cozy cafe. By choosing this option for celebrating Valentine's Day, you will definitely not regret it!

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

If you and your spouse can afford to spend a lot, travel agencies offer a huge selection of romantic tours. By the way, sales in European stores take place in February. For example, a romantic trip to France or Italy for several days will cost about 2 thousand euros (the price includes flights and transfers). You can celebrate a holiday by ordering champagne with fruit in your room, or an entertainment program, a visit to the SPA center.

Russian holiday homes are also increasing the number of romantic tours. For example, the holiday is popular on the routes of the Golden Ring of Russia: a trip to Suzdal with interesting excursions and dinner will cost about 10 thousand for two.

Of course, all means are good to express your sincere feelings to your loved one. And it doesn't matter where you will spend February 14, on a Mediterranean liner or in the country, the main thing is that there will be a loved and loving person next to you.

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