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Video: Diet: How To Stay Motivated Until The End

Video: Diet: How To Stay Motivated Until The End
Video: Weight Loss Tricks to Keep You Motivated 2023, June
Diet: How To Stay Motivated Until The End
Diet: How To Stay Motivated Until The End

Diet: how to stay motivated until the end

Motivation is a funny thing. To begin with, having barely reached the middle of the diet, one day you decide to drop everything and return to your usual diet. But you have already managed to achieve good results! And then suddenly you have lost the motivation and desire to make any effort to lose weight.

Soon after that, you will certainly notice that your trousers are too small for you, when you climb the stairs you get short of breath, and for some reason you want to return to the interrupted diet … But good intentions gradually evaporate, and you just do not know what kind of motivation to come up with.

It's amazing how motivation transforms our lives: we feel energized, enthusiastic, focused and confident. In a word, we see the goal and go towards it, confidently overcoming obstacles.

But once you lose your motivation, the situation changes radically. Laziness and apathy overwhelm us. You constantly repeat that you want change, but you just can't force yourself to take even a step towards your dream. After all, grabbing a bag of chips is much easier than starting planning, counting calories, exercising and preparing healthy food! So how do you return to that wonderful state of excitement, when motivation, like a torch, illuminates your path to your cherished goal?

Just don't stop! First of all, understand that motivation is fickle. Do not think that if “you already have it,” you will never lose it. No matter how it is! This is a very common misconception that many women are exposed to. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to build your own motivation brick by brick, from the very foundation. Instead of waiting for an external impulse, try to find motivation in yourself. Find ways to channel energy in the right direction. View motivation as a happy opportunity, not as annoying, scary, or unpleasant, and reinforce it with the appropriate resources.

Here are some tips to get you back on motivation and get back to your interrupted diet:

1. Find the reason

List at least 10 reasons why you want to lose or maintain weight. If you've already made such a list, make a new one and compare it with the previous one. As soon as you feel that you are losing motivation, re-read the list and use it as an incentive for further efforts.

2. Take the task seriously

You should not postpone the search for motivation until tomorrow - as you know, tomorrow never comes. It doesn't matter if you are going on a new diet or going back to fitness, you have to take the task seriously and work towards your goal methodically, day after day, step by step, and the results are bound to appear! Therefore, we recommend that you draw up a well-thought-out plan, take this matter as seriously as you do your work, and follow that plan.

3. Do not indulge your weaknesses

As a rule, we most need a jolt when we least want to go on a diet or start fitness activities. So do not follow the lead of laziness, do not indulge your weaknesses and be the mistress of your body! Try to stick to the chosen course by all means - even if you really don't feel like it!

The time of vacations and vacations is over. It's time to get to work, including work on yourself. So try, focus and direct all your efforts towards achieving your goal - do not hesitate, your efforts will be crowned with success!

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