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Video: Diet For Infertility For Women

Video: Diet For Infertility For Women
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Diet For Infertility For Women
Diet For Infertility For Women

Diet for infertility for women

The desire to have children is not only natural, but wonderful. But this is not given to everyone, which becomes one of the main reasons for the problem of the coexistence of spouses in a married couple.

Modern diagnostics of infertility allows us to understand the causes of this phenomenon in both men and women. This is done by specialists who can help almost everyone. They study the problem and describe in detail the prescription of various drugs and procedures that it would be desirable to use if you want to have children. Fertility treatment for women covers a variety of methods, but the basis of everything is proper nutrition, in other words, a special diet.

Fertility treatment for women covers a variety of methods, but the foundation of everything is proper nutrition
Fertility treatment for women covers a variety of methods, but the foundation of everything is proper nutrition

Foods essential for the body

The food for a woman who wants to have a child should not only be diverse, but also include foods that maximize the level of phospholipids, vitamins belonging to the U group, vitamins of other groups and magnesium. It is absolutely known that the following products are needed for a woman's body:

White cabbage. Saturates the body with vitamin U, which is not very easy to find in nature. It leads to changes in the body, normalizing the monthly cycle, and stimulates the uterus, which creates ideal conditions for the development of pregnancy.

  • Sesame and sunflower seeds, all kinds of nuts. Some people consider the habit of snapping seeds to be harmful, but in this case it will be very useful. They and nuts contain a huge amount of zinc, which is so necessary for the body to normalize reproductive function.
  • Citrus fruits. Everyone knows that vitamin C is a substance necessary to maintain good immunity. And who, if not a future mother, needs an extremely healthy body?
  • Oatmeal, legumes, as well as brown rice varieties actively fill the body with vitamins belonging to group B.
  • Almonds, brown bread. These products are in the same row due to their peculiarity: they contain the irreplaceable mineral magnesium, the lack of which can also affect the reproductive function of the body.
  • Foods essential for the body
    Foods essential for the body

    List of prohibited foods

    There are also a number of foods that need to be removed from your diet, as their presence creates additional difficulties for those wishing to have healthy offspring:

    alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins and minerals that are important for the expectant mother;

    • saturated, fatty meat broths and fatty meat itself can harm the follicle by tightening its shell. This can cause cystosis;
    • the same can be said about fermented milk products;
    • canned food;
    • sausage;
    • swede;
    • radish;
    • turnip;
    • radish;
    • pasta made from premium flour;
    • White rice;
    • starch;
    • hot spices and dishes with them;
    • fried foods;
    • ice cream;
    • fast food;
    • dishes prepared from factory semi-finished products;
    • starch;
    • white flour dishes;
    • carbonated drinks;
    • animal fats;
    • too sweet desserts;
    • too salty foods;
    • strong tea and coffee drinks, as insomnia may occur.
    • List of prohibited foods
      List of prohibited foods

      It’s not just about whether the food is right for you. The balance of the diet should be at a high level, because the body cannot accept and assimilate many substances at the same time. Count on your menu to complement each other while remaining tasty and mouth-watering.

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