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Video: Down With Winter Fat For The Summer Season

Video: Down With Winter Fat For The Summer Season
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Down With Winter Fat For The Summer Season
Down With Winter Fat For The Summer Season

Down with winter fat for the summer season

The beach season is just around the corner, and with it the vacation! These are new swimsuits that have slimmer bodies. There is not much time left for everything about everything. Will we have time? And then! In this article, we offer you 5 simple steps to help you with this.

Scientists have proven that all our actions that are aimed at changing weight are most successful in the spring. This is how internal processes respond to external ones: after all, the day is getting longer, a variety of fruits and vegetables drives fat off the tables, warm weather encourages even greater activity.

Half sandwich
Half sandwich

Step # 1: reduce the size of the stomach

This can be done by reducing the amount of food consumed. Our stomach is like an elastic pocket: a large amount of food stretches it and makes it insatiable, and vice versa, a modest meal makes the belt tighten, then satiety comes much faster. To reduce the stomach, you need to eat disciplined for a week, observing the rule clearly: halve the usual portions.

What will we do

For example, we divide the morning sandwich with a fish into 2 parts. We eat one while savoring, the second is set aside in order to eat in an hour. Or another option: first we eat bread dried in a toaster with coffee, and in the next snack we gobble up a fish. So you need to "dismember" all meals.

So you can lose 1 to 3 kg of excess weight in a month.

Step 2: deal with sweets

As you know, simple carbohydrates are pure energy. Having received it, the body will not "scratch" towards fat reserves. Forget about vows like this: never eat another roll! Try experimenting for one month and then decide if you like this kind of movie. Indeed, in dietary food there is always a place for goodies!

What will we do

- Take two eggs, separate the protein, beat with a mixer until foamy. Add a handful of any berries, beat a little more. So we get a dessert with a calorie content of no more than 50 kcal.

- We bake halves of apples in the oven, sprinkling them with vanilla and cinnamon. The calorie content of an apple is 40-50 kcal.

- Let's make fruit puree from peaches and apricots. It can also be seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla. 100 g contains 40 kcal.

- We will bake a meringue with almost zero calories: whisk the proteins into a cool foam, add a sweetener, a crumb of low-fat cocoa powder. Bake in the oven on a drop of vegetable oil.

- Mix fat-free cottage cheese and dried fruits, add ground oatmeal with egg (optional). We stick the cheesecakes and fry them in a Teflon pan without oil. One syrnik will contain about 60 kcal.


Replacing fatty desserts with low-calorie desserts, you will part with 0.5-1 kg in a month.

Step 3: body time

Our body needs daily physical activity. But after all, organized classes are pleasant and not available to everyone.

What will we do

Let's hit the monotony with originality! You can throw pillows, throw darts (it is possible that darts will be made an Olympic sport!). In the extreme (lazy) case: open and close the refrigerator, one hand a hundred times.

If you do 10 minutes daily, this is minus 0.5-1 kg at the end of the month.

Step 4: fasting days

One day a week should be spent on water or green tea. That is, there are four fasting days per month. It takes 1 kg per day, 4 kg in 4 days, but usually half is returned.

Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl

What will we do

For the effect of unloading to be long-term, select 1 day when the moon changes its phase. The unloading 24-hour cycle lasts from 18.00 on the indicated date and ends at 18.00 the next day. During this period from 18 to 18, you can only drink water and herbal teas.

We write for ourselves stable minus 2 kg.

Step 5: find an alternative pleasure

The pleasure center, which is in the brain, doesn't care what you get high from. Pleasing yourself with food is as easy as shelling pears, but if you replace at least one meal with any other activity, no less pleasant, the daily calorie content will decrease by an average of 200-300 kcal, and about 7-8 thousand will run up a month.

What will we do

This replacement should be not only pleasant, but also regular. Massage, solarium, hairdresser, steam face masks, manicure-pedicure, salt baths, sex or the ritual preparation of Japanese tea - any regular indulgence of yourself, your beloved, will do.

As a result, you will lose 1 kg of excess weight.

We hope that our tips on how to lose weight by the summer season and hide extra pounds will help you regain self-confidence and look irresistible this summer! Instead of walking in long sundresses and completely abandoning trips to the beach.


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