Fast Weight Loss Diet

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Fast Weight Loss Diet
Fast Weight Loss Diet

Video: Fast Weight Loss Diet

Video: Fast Weight Loss Diet
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Fast weight loss diet

If you just need to lose a few extra pounds, fast weight loss diets can help you. Fast diets are a low-calorie diet that is low in protein, minerals and fiber. Note: In general, weight loss tends to come back, especially if you don't change your lifestyle.

How fast weight loss diets work

All tissues and organs of our body have their own weight - bones, internal organs, muscles, fat, blood, water, intestinal contents. Thus, what you see on the scale is the sum of all of the above. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. You lose weight after every trip to the toilet, but in order to purposefully burn fat, you need to create favorable conditions for this through exercise and nutrition, and then follow this regime for a long time.

When people talk about a fast diet, they are referring to weight loss, not fat loss. On a short-term diet, by severely restricting calories, you deplete glycogen stores, and since glycogen binds water, you lose fluid with it. The arrow on the scales is rapidly creeping down, but as soon as you eat a normal meal, the glycogen stores will be replenished and the lost weight will return.

How fast weight loss diets work
How fast weight loss diets work

When a strict diet can help

There are a number of situations when you need to urgently lose weight by several kilograms:

Preparing for an important event - a holiday, a date, a photo session, etc.;

  • Hospitalization or preparation for surgery - often in such cases, you need to urgently lose weight;
  • Recovery from illness or poisoning - popular diets are not suitable here, because they themselves give restrictions, but they are quite strict;
  • The impetus for proper nutrition - a restrictive diet can stimulate further weight loss. First, most people crave quick results, so losing weight quickly will be a good motivation. Secondly, strong food restrictions will help you more calmly perceive minor restrictions with a moderate diet. However, this shock method is not for everyone. First you need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications.
  • When a strict diet can help
    When a strict diet can help

    Contraindications to a strict diet

    All short-term diets are unbalanced in composition and can cause or exacerbate physiological and psychological problems.

    Diets for fast weight loss are strictly contraindicated:

    Pregnant and lactating women;

    • Suffering from diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • People with hormonal disorders and autoimmune diseases;
    • Persons with anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders;
    • Anxious, neurotic, stress-unstable individuals.
    • Contraindications to a strict diet
      Contraindications to a strict diet

      Popular diets for fast weight loss

      Basically, effective short-term diets are hard diets and are only recommended for a few days because their longer use is a huge hit to the body. Let's take a look at the most popular ones.

      Watermelon diet (for 5 days minus 5 kg)

      Menu: for breakfast - savory oatmeal (or other porridge), a little cheese; for lunch - a piece of fish, meat or poultry, vegetable salad without dressing, vegetables can be boiled or stewed; for dinner - a watermelon (for every 30 kg of weight, 1 kilogram of watermelon is allowed).

      Vegetarian diet (3 days minus 3 kg)

      The 1st and 3rd days of the diet include eating only vegetables, on the 2nd day you need to eat exclusively fruits.

      Vegetable day menu: for breakfast - 4 baked tomatoes, vegetable juice, + coffee or tea with lemon; for lunch - salad of cucumbers with green onions or green salad, + coffee or tea with lemon; for dinner, boiled or stewed vegetables (cabbage, spinach, a little lemon juice), + tea with lemon are offered.

      Fruit day menu: for breakfast - fruit salad of apple, orange, grapefruit + coffee or tea with lemon; for lunch - half a melon, as well as a salad from the breakfast menu; for dinner - lunch menu.

      Vegetarian diet (3 days minus 3 kg)
      Vegetarian diet (3 days minus 3 kg)

      Apple diet (for 7 days minus 5-6 kg)

      During the apple diet, you can drink infusions from various herbs, you can also drink green tea without sugar. In addition to apples, it is allowed to eat a little black bread - 3-5 slices a day (preferably crackers). This version of the apple diet is quite harsh, but effective.

      "Jockey" diet (for 3 days minus 3-5 kg)

      The diet is suitable for those who want to get rid of extra pounds very quickly.

      Diet menu:

      1 day - 1 chicken, baked without salt. The skin is not allowed to be eaten. The chicken should be divided into 3 meals.

      • Day 2 - 300 grams of veal, which is also baked without salt, eaten for 3 meals.
      • 3rd day - drinking - 4-5 servings of natural coffee without sugar and milk.

      This is one of the fastest and most effective diets. During this period, you may feel dizzy and weak.

      "Jockey" diet (for 3 days minus 3-5 kg)
      "Jockey" diet (for 3 days minus 3-5 kg)

      Buckwheat diet (for 7 days minus 3-4 kg)

      For a buckwheat diet, you need: buckwheat, fruits, 1% kefir, low-fat yogurt, multivitamins.

      Pour a glass of cereal in the evening with 2 glasses of boiled water. In the morning, the remaining water must be drained. Buckwheat is allowed to eat as much as you want, salt should be at a minimum.

      Diet rules:

      eat porridge with kefir (1 liter divided by a day);

      • drink water at will, ordinary or mineral (2 liters per day);
      • you can drink tea or coffee (the total amount of liquid should not exceed 3 liters per day);
      • fruits can be no more than 2 pieces per day;
      • 5 hours before bedtime, it is advisable not to eat, but if hunger is inexorable, before bedtime you can drink half a glass of kefir diluted with mineral water;
      • you can eat up to 150 g of yogurt per day;
      • completely exclude alcohol;
      • during the diet period and after taking multivitamins for at least 1 month;
      • if you follow this diet for 2 weeks, the body needs rest so that there is no addiction;
      • to consolidate the results, you can repeat the diet after 2 weeks.
      • Buckwheat diet (for 7 days minus 3-4 kg)
        Buckwheat diet (for 7 days minus 3-4 kg)

        Dairy diet (for 3 days minus 3 kg)

        This is one of the most difficult mono diets, as you will not eat anything - just drink one milk. If you have never loved him, it is better to choose another method of losing weight.

        The milk diet prescribes drinking 1 liter of milk during the day, and that's it. You divide it so that you drink 1 glass every 3-4 hours during the day. If you take a 4-hour interval, you get 4 receptions. Such a diet is definitely not suitable for those whose work requires a lot of energy.

        Please note that the diets given by us are quite strict, in particular, this applies to mono-diets. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you carefully read their description and consult a doctor. We also advise you to stop the diet if you feel unwell.

        Fast weight loss diet
        Fast weight loss diet

        Good luck in losing weight

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