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Video: Home Simulators For Chest (Shake Weight, Easy Curves)

Video: Home Simulators For Chest (Shake Weight, Easy Curves)
Video: Тренажер для груди Easy Curves Изи Курвс 2023, June
Home Simulators For Chest (Shake Weight, Easy Curves)
Home Simulators For Chest (Shake Weight, Easy Curves)

Home simulators for chest (Shake Weight, Easy Curves)

The main purpose of home exercise equipment is to reduce the amount of fat, improve the cardiovascular system, and develop beautiful muscles. As you know, exercise machines for home use are of different purposes and types. The stepper remains the most popular. Do not forget that home sports should be carried out under health control. To do this, you must have at least a scale at home.

The main simplest home chest machines are Easy Curves and Shake Weight. Let's dwell on them in more detail.

Home Breast Trainers Shake Weight
Home Breast Trainers Shake Weight

Easy Curves

Effectiveness for a woman is a big part of her success in life. It's no secret that beautiful, toned breasts are eye-catching. Therefore, of course, every woman is obliged to take care of her form. The natural forms of women are beautiful, but hardly anyone will hurt to increase their attractiveness. The Easy Curves simulator can help you create ideal forms in a short time, while you will not have to spend time at the gym. It is enough just to buy this simulator and set aside 10-15 minutes daily for classes.

The Easy Curves simulator for the chest was invented by a woman, at its core it has the principle of double resistance that occurs when it is unclenched and squeezed. When exercising, the muscles of the chest are involved, this allows you to strengthen the muscles, increase them, as well as raised forms. The simulator creates the same load on each side of the body, which is important.

Home Breast Trainers Shake Weight
Home Breast Trainers Shake Weight

According to the manufacturers, a 5-minute course of exercises just 1 time per day for a long time will also help improve the functioning of the respiratory system, because the exercises should be performed in accordance with the instructions that recommend a specific breathing rhythm.

A set of exercises in the morning will help you recharge your batteries. Choosing an evening out may help relieve stress and fatigue.

It differs from the huge exercise machines in the Easy Curves fitness club in that it does not take up much space, its length is only 0.53 meters, it can be easily removed under a bed or on a shelf. In part, for this he earned his popularity among customers.

If your exercises with this simulator are complex and regular, which implies the use of other types of simulators, then you will certainly be able to return to its former forms, making your figure beautiful and attractive.

Easy Curves Home Breast Trainers
Easy Curves Home Breast Trainers

Shake Weight (Shake Waite)

Do you want to strengthen and pump up your shoulders, chest, arms at home, but don't know how best to do it? The simplest solution is to purchase a Shake Weight machine.

The machine is shaped like a dumbbell, which allows you to work more effectively on the muscles of the upper torso. The latest technologies used in its development increase the efficiency of training compared to conventional dumbbells. See for yourself.

How does this happen? Shake Weight uses dynamic inertia for strength training. When he is shaken during exercise, the loads are set in motion, and he immediately rebounds in the opposite direction, all this resembles the movement of a piston; the shock wave forces the muscles to contract at a tremendous speed - up to 240 times per minute. Swinging, the dumbbell sets the rhythm and forces it to be maintained throughout the workout. Shaking is convenient to combine with some other exercises - for example, lifting and rotating arms to the sides. For those who want to make the chest muscles elastic, it is necessary to hold the dumbbell with both hands in front of you.

Easy Curves Home Breast Trainers
Easy Curves Home Breast Trainers

According to the manufacturers, with this simulator you will achieve the desired result, spending a minimum of effort and time: some 6 minutes a day, and the muscles of your shoulders, chest, arms will become irresistible, as the manufacturers promise.

Detailed instructions for use are attached to the simulator. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it to avoid injury and overload. Contraindications mean:

it is recommended to consult a doctor before using this simulator;

  • If you feel faint, dizzy, or in pain while exercising, stop exercising, consult a doctor.

Manufacturers and advertisements claim that even the laziest can work with the Shake Weight simulator (Shake Waite). In addition, the simulator is considered the bestseller in American stores and is often used by Hollywood stars.

The essence of the exercises is simply to shake the simulator in all directions. The main target area is the upper arms and chest.

Today you learned about two of the most popular home use chest trainers. These are Easy Curves (Easy Curves) and Shake Weight (Shake Waite). Which one is more suitable is up to you. We hope our tips will help you make the right choice.

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