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Is There Any Benefit In Goat Milk?
Is There Any Benefit In Goat Milk?

Is there any benefit in goat milk?

Is there a benefit in goat milk
Is there a benefit in goat milk

It has long been rumored that goat's milk has miraculous properties. Even Hippocrates considered goat milk to be the first remedy for the treatment of consumption. Avicenna recommended his fellow countrymen to consume goat's milk regularly, so as not to show their grandchildren subsequently impartial pictures of senile marasmus. Traditional medicine also assigns an important role to goat's milk, considering it a food product for weakened children suffering from food allergies.

The content of food ingredients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates - in both goat and cow's milk is very similar, but they are very different from the milk of a lactating woman: much more protein in animal milk and less fat and carbohydrates. But their qualitative composition differs markedly.

Is there a benefit in goat milk
Is there a benefit in goat milk

It is these differences that underlie the difference in the "behavior" in the human body of goat and cow milk. So, the clot formed during the digestion of goat milk in the stomach is much less dense, unlike cow milk, which facilitates its processing with digestive enzymes. For a baby, this clot of goat's milk in structure resembles that of the digestion of human milk.

The undoubted benefit of goat milk lies in the large amount of calcium it contains - an important substance for our body, which strengthens hair, bones, nails, it is also useful for metabolism and our nervous system. Phosphorus, manganese, copper, magnesium - these are all abundant in goat milk. The great benefits of goat milk also lie in the high content of potassium in it, which we need for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. The benefits of goat milk for young children are immediately apparent. If babies stop breastfeeding early, goat is the best substitute. As already mentioned, it is absorbed faster, carries all the necessary useful elements, and, most importantly, the benefit of this milk is that there is almost no lactose, to which children are so often allergic.

Never drink milk quickly. Drink it slowly, in small sips, it is in this case that coarse clots will not form in the stomach under the influence of stomach acid. By eating warm goat milk, you can be sure that it is digested by the body within 20 minutes (for comparison, cow's milk takes 2.3 times longer to digest). For the human body, raw milk will be more useful than pasteurized milk. The high pasteurization temperature kills many enzymes.

Goat milk will only benefit everyone, but for whom is it more? We'll see:

Is there a benefit in goat milk
Is there a benefit in goat milk

if you are allergic to cow's milk, it is goat's milk that serves as its substitute, since it does not contain the protein fraction, which usually causes allergy to cow's milk;

  • due to the high content of calcium in goat milk, it is used to restore bones after fractures;
  • the benefits of this milk are obvious for pregnant and lactating women, since at this time the female body needs an increased dose of calcium for successful lactation during feeding;
  • goat's milk contains lysozyme, which helps to reduce the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is very important for people with stomach ulcers;
  • the benefits of goat milk for the digestive tract also lie in the fact that the beneficial minerals contained in it help create a positive microflora in the intestine, therefore, with low immunity and dysbiosis, it is recommended to drink goat milk;
  • goat milk is also recommended to drink as with bronchitis. So, you need to add 1 tsp to boiled milk. honey plus badger or goat fat. Drink this "cocktail" in small sips and go to bed. You will feel much better in the morning.

The disadvantages of this drink include its high fat content. Indeed, goat's milk contains a sufficient amount of animal fat, which is deposited in adipose tissue with a large consumption. A large amount of goat's milk will be useful, perhaps, only for children who are still growing, they need to strengthen their health and immunity.

Many people have a frown on their forehead when they say "goat milk". Yes, its taste and smell are quite different from that of a cow. But the point is that the taste and smell of goat milk, first of all, depend on what the goat ate, in what conditions it is kept. In many cases, goat's milk is just as tasty as cow's milk.

Drinking or not drinking goat's milk is everyone's personal business.

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