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Video: If The Child Does Not Want To Go To School

Video: If The Child Does Not Want To Go To School
Video: My Child Doesn't Want To Go To School 2023, June
If The Child Does Not Want To Go To School
If The Child Does Not Want To Go To School

If the child does not want to go to school

On the first autumn day, almost all children go to the line-up on the day of knowledge with pleasure - first-graders are in the mood for a holiday, and older children miss their friends and teachers over the summer. Why is it that very soon some students are looking for more and more inventive tricks to avoid going to school? What drives our children - ordinary laziness, sheer slovenliness, lack of understanding of the importance of the learning process for later life, or other reasons?

If the child does not want to go to school
If the child does not want to go to school

Reasons for not wanting to go to school

It is clear that primary and high school students will have different reasons for not wanting to go to school. Small children, accustomed to being the object of increased attention in the family, may simply not cope with the physical and emotional stress that they experience within the walls of the school from the first days of study, especially if the school is not the simplest one.

The calorizer suggests considering the most common reasons for students in the younger age group:

Adapting to school. Even a child who has attended a kindergarten, early development groups, sports or creative sections, can not always quickly and successfully get used to school features, and even domestic children, especially those with poor health, can suffer from the difficulties of the "transition" period for a long time;

  • Anxiety and fear. No matter how parents, older brothers and sisters, teachers prepare children for school, the fear of an unknown school can haunt the kid for some time;
  • Lagging or being ahead in terms of training. Equally important reasons if the child poorly perceives the material and lags behind peers, and also if he is not interested, because he has already learned all the proposed material;
  • Reasons for not wanting to go to primary school
    Reasons for not wanting to go to primary school

    Growing up, children are faced with other reasons, some of which may arise from the very beginning of schooling:

    Conflict situations with students and teachers. Any more or less noticeable difference from others or inconsistency with accepted norms can become the subject of ridicule and even humiliation and bullying from classmates. Unfortunately, teachers often behave unprofessionally, criticizing or ignoring some of the students;

    • Unbearable loads. School programs, which are unjustifiably inflated from year to year, the requirements for GIA and USE often lead not only to a complete lack of desire to attend classes, but also to nervous exhaustion. Add circles, sections, music schools and additional classes - not every adult can withstand this;
    • Decreased academic performance. The child missed a lot due to illness, moving or did not understand the material, and was ashamed to ask. The result - the grades are lower, the obvious solution for the child is not to go to school;
    • Lack of interest in learning. The presence or emergence of new interests and hobbies outside the school is not always the reason for the loss of interest in learning. It is sad, but true - often the teacher cannot truly captivate and interest students in his subject;
    • School change. Moving to a new place of residence, parting with familiar surroundings and friends, new orders at school, according to Calorizator, can discourage the desire to go to school;
    • "Inconvenient" child. Having his own, usually different from those around him, opinion and life position, a daring and "informal" child who supports one of the directions of the youth subculture rarely finds understanding and acceptance of his views or external attributes among the school environment.
    • Reasons for reluctance to go to school among high school students
      Reasons for reluctance to go to school among high school students

      What a child is ready to decide not to go to school

      Inventive and inquisitive children's minds work instantly and thoughtfully when it comes to excuses from school. The list of tricks and gimmicks leading to the fact that parents are allowed not to go to school today is huge, any parent is familiar with some of them. Mythical diseases of the head, abdomen and a sharp rise in temperature without other signs of a cold are for parents. A visit to a dentist, endocrinologist or cardiologist - a version for teachers, sounds solid, how can you not let go of school? A bandaged finger on the right hand, a lost briefcase and a huge traffic jam are also excellent options for not going to school.

      What a child is ready to decide not to go to school
      What a child is ready to decide not to go to school

      Parent reaction

      Every child firmly believes that his innocent deceptions go unnoticed by adults, but the calorizer can say for sure that every parent knows when the child is really sick, and when he is just tired and mischievous. With a trusting relationship in the family, the child will talk about the factors that prevent him from feeling calm and confident at school.

      If the student studies normally, has no complaints and multi-day absences, then sometimes it is even necessary to allow the child an “unscheduled” day off, this will benefit physical and emotional health.

      Parent reaction
      Parent reaction

      When a child categorically does not want to share the reasons for his reluctance to go to lessons, it is necessary to establish these reasons by talking with teachers or classmates, acting very carefully. In no case should you raise your voice to the child and demand a report in an ultimatum form. Sometimes, to identify the cause and help to get out of this situation, you will need the help of a psychologist. An important point is to find a highly qualified specialist who will not work out his fee, but will really figure it out.

      Some problems are solved in a "working" order. If the child is ahead of the program, ask the teachers to give him more tasks of increased complexity, if fear of the school, arrange an individual excursion to the school building when there are no students, and so on.

      It should be remembered that the main thing for a little student is benevolence, attention and absolute support of parents and close relatives. Then any problem will be solved.

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