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Video: Animal Cuts Fat Burner Transformation! (Before/After) | Lose Weight 100% in 2020! 2023, January
Fat Burner Animal Cuts
Fat Burner Animal Cuts

Fat Burner Animal Cuts

This is one of the professional fat burners from a famous brand. That is why the price of the drug differs upwards from Lipo 6X - one of the most famous fat burners - by more than 2 times.

The manufacturer claims that Animal Cuts is more powerful in action than its infamous composition: ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin.

The new improved formula of the composition maximizes metabolism and heat exchange, increases concentration and removes subcutaneous fat.

He is a thermogeneticist. Thermogenesis is the body's production of heat, Animal Cuts causes the body to generate more heat by releasing fatty acids. And by stimulating the central nervous system, the drug reduces appetite, which leads to a calorie deficit.

Animal cuts
Animal cuts

The composition and action of Animal Cuts

When opening a can, anyone will be surprised by the abundance of multi-colored capsules. This is due to the very large composition of the drug. The color of each capsule means one or another complex, which together should help burn subcutaneous fat and neutralize side effects as much as possible. In 2012, the composition was greatly changed, the substance synephrine was removed from it and replaced with caffeine. It is believed that in this regard, the effectiveness of the drug has greatly decreased, although it is still one of the most popular among athletes.

The composition and action of Animal Cuts
The composition and action of Animal Cuts

Thermogenic complex. The most important of all, as it is aimed at burning excess fat. Its task is to increase endurance and increase the intensity of physical activity. It includes anhydrous caffeine, cola nut, guarana, mate tea, raspberry ketones, forskolin, evodiamine.

Metabolic complex. Allows you to increase the body's metabolism and stimulate a faster process of fat burning. It includes: extracts from green, white, black tea, oolong and coffee beans.

Complex for the thyroid gland. Allows you to normalize the thyroid gland and neutralize the negative effects of other components on the endocrine system. It includes: L-tyrosine, olive leaf extract and sage.

Diuretic complex. Allows you to effectively remove fluid from the body. It includes: extracts from dandelion, bearberry, hydrangea, buchu, juniper, celery.

Nootropic complex. Reduces stress levels and helps the body stabilize the nervous system. It includes: deanol, bacopa extract, phenylethylamine, xanthinol, huperzine A.

Cortisol blocking complex. Interfere with the secretion of the hormone into the bloodstream to minimize muscle loss. It includes: extracts from Rhodiola rosea, magnolia bark, ashwagandha, phosphatidylserine.

Blood thinning complex. Prevents blood thickening and blood clots. It includes: extracts of hoodia, jojoba seeds, cha-de-burge (tropical tree in South America).

Complex for improving bioavailability. Helps the body to assimilate as much as possible all the components contained in the drug. It includes: ginger, cayenne pepper, grapefruit extract, flavonoids.

How to take thermogenics
How to take thermogenics

May also contain synephrine, cocoa, magnesium phosphate and stearate, potassium phosphate and stearic acid.

How to take thermogenics

The course of the drug is 3 weeks. Take 2 sachets per day, half an hour before training. Moreover, it is imperative to take thermogenics on an empty stomach. It is important to take it without damaging the shell, that is, do not chew, but swallow it with plenty of water. It is better to drink the second packet at least 6 hours before bedtime, otherwise a sleepless night will be guaranteed.

To test the effect on the body, it is better to start taking one sachet per day. This will allow the body to adapt.

It is not recommended to exceed the indicated dosage. This will not lead to a quick effect, but, on the contrary, will intensify the manifestation of side effects.

If not one course is supposed, but several, you need to take a break of at least 2 weeks between doses. This will help the body recover and wean itself off the ingredients.

And in no case should Animal Cuts be combined with other medications, especially those containing caffeine. This will lead to extreme stress on all body systems. Also, you should not drink coffee while taking a thermodenic.

Side effects
Side effects

Side effects

The composition of the fat burner in comparison with the others is simply huge, which also increases the number of negative aspects, such as:

increased anxiety;

  • tachycardia;
  • diarrhea;
  • lack of hunger;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • increased blood pressure.

Despite the stabilizing components, many athletes who have taken this drug note a pronounced chemical taste and side effects. Nervousness and nausea are among the most common negative moments, which, despite the manufacturer's assurances, do not go away throughout the course. This undoubtedly speaks to the effectiveness of Animal Cuts itself, but even for professionals, it is a strong enough drug.

Contraindications for use are: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy and lactation period, age up to 18 years and old, nervous irritability, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, problems of the cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis.

Side effects
Side effects

Animal Cuts will definitely help with the fat burning process. But it is intended primarily for professional athletes, whose training complexity and quality are much higher than the rest. It is contraindicated for beginners to drink this complex, especially in the absence of systematic training.

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