Lessons At Home: AB Flyer

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Lessons At Home: AB Flyer
Lessons At Home: AB Flyer

Video: Lessons At Home: AB Flyer

Video: Lessons At Home: AB Flyer
Video: Cheer Extreme ~ Flyer Muscle Training 2023, September

Lessons at home: AB Flyer

Trainer Ab Flyer
Trainer Ab Flyer

The AB Flyer exercise machine is designed to train the abdominal muscles and back with a reverse circular motion.

This simulator has a biometric design, as it has a reverse circular movement, which gives a full load on the lower back, on all abdominal muscles (straight and oblique), and at the same time, neither the neck nor the back is strained at all, as is the case with other exercises. The movement from the bottom up makes the rectus abdominis muscles and the muscles of the lumbar region constantly contract, and due to the movements of the knees to the sides, the obliques are exercised.

The Ab Flyer is designed to train the abdominal muscles by moving the legs from the bottom up. Unlike popular exercises for the press in a sitting or lying position, when the movement occurs in the direction "from top to bottom", the AB Flyer moves in the opposite direction, developing the muscles of the press "from the bottom up". The basic movement is to raise the knees and legs while contracting only the abdominal muscles, without requiring any muscle tension in the arms or upper body. The key to doing the exercise correctly is focusing on abdominal contraction before and during the upward movement of the seat. In this case, the upper part of your body should not move or sway.

Basic exercises:

Ascent forward - basic exercise:

  1. Place your elbows and forearms on the palm rests and squeeze the handrails lightly.
  2. Kneel on the seat with your feet bent at the rear edge of the seat. You don't have to lean forward, you have to sit on your heels.
  3. Straining your abs, lift your knees up. Make sure you only use your abdominals to raise the seat, not your arms or upper body.
  4. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat all over again.
  5. Move slowly at a constant speed while doing this exercise. Don't try to raise your knees instantly - concentrate on contracting your abdominal muscles.

Side Rise - For Obliques:

  1. Rotate your knees to the left or right and lift up.
  2. During exercise, concentrate on the oblique muscles.

Freestyle training:

It consists of a combination of forward lifts and side lifts, which are performed alternately

The construction of the simulator has a built-in mechanism for changing the resistance so that you can adapt your training in accordance with your level of training. Resistance discs are located on both sides of the body. To change the resistance level, it is necessary to set both discs at the same division from 0 to 3. Do not unscrew the resistance discs to the end.

Ab Flyer Trainer
Ab Flyer Trainer

The digital monitor allows you to automatically monitor the progress of your workout, counting the number of exercises performed for you, and thus allows you to concentrate on the exercises themselves. 2 AAA batteries are required to power the digital monitor. To turn on the counter, press the button; to reset it, keep the button pressed for 3 seconds.

You can store the treadmill folded flat between workouts. Pull the pin on the black handle and swing the seat upright, then lift the seat up until it clicks, indicating that the pin is in the hole. Then fold the machine down and store it in a closet or under a bed.

Assembled simulator dimensions: 86 x 84 x 122 cm; weight 16 kg.

Dimensions folded for storage: 84 x 5 x 122 cm.


Training is not traumatic.

  • The muscles of the abdomen and back are being worked out.
  • Disadvantages:

    Additional exercises are needed on the arms and legs.

    • Maximum user weight: 136 kg.

    Price for home exercise machine Ab Flyer: from 6800 rubles.