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Video: Snack For The New - The Year Of The Wooden Goat

Video: Snack For The New - The Year Of The Wooden Goat
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Snack For The New - The Year Of The Wooden Goat
Snack For The New - The Year Of The Wooden Goat

Snack for the new 2015 - the year of the wooden goat

The coming year according to the Eastern calendar will be held under the leadership of the Goat (Sheep). Lovely, peaceful and completely pet, nurse and drinker, the Goat loves a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits. Therefore, on the New Year's table, it is worth giving preference to snacks that are light in performance and in calorie content. The less time lovely housewives spend in the kitchen, the better their mood and more energy will be for fun.

Vegetarian Christmas tree
Vegetarian Christmas tree

For the preparation of the first snack, we only need vegetables, and for laying them you can enlist the help of children - they can do it.

Vegetarian Christmas tree


Cucumber - 1 pc.

  • Celery stalks - 2 pcs.
  • Carrots - 1/2 pc.
  • Red and yellow cherry tomatoes - 20 pcs.
  • Bulgarian green pepper - 1/2 pc.
  • Olives - 7-10 pcs.
  • Olives stuffed with pepper - 5-7 pcs.
  • Radish - 1 pc.
  • Mushrooms (optional) - 2 pcs.

Cut the celery across the petiole into 6-9 cm pieces, then each piece lengthwise into several pieces. Lay on a dish at an angle to each other, in the form of a Christmas tree. Top in no particular order, trying to "decorate" the tree, put thin slices of pepper, carrots and cucumber, whole tomatoes. Cut olives lengthwise into halves or quarters, olives crosswise so that the filling is visible. Make notches on the radish, place it on the top of the tree. If there is a desire, then build a trunk from quarters of mushrooms, but not necessarily. Mushrooms can be replaced with crackers. Serve the Christmas tree with dips.

Buffet canapes

Buffet canapes
Buffet canapes


Avocado - 1 pc.

  • Quail eggs - 5 pcs.
  • Cherry tomatoes - 10 pcs.
  • Sardines / sprats / smoked eel - 10 pcs. / slices
  • Sausage cheese - 200 gr.
  • Salmon / lightly salted trout - 200 gr.
  • Pickled cucumbers - 10 pcs.
  • Pitted olives - 10 pcs.
  • Parsley and mint for garnish.

Boil the eggs, peel gently and cut in half lengthwise. Peel the avocado, remove the pit, cut it lengthwise into four parts, then crosswise into slices about a centimeter wide. Remove the fish from the jar, let the excess fat drain onto a paper towel. Collect canapes - avocado, fish or eel slice, tomato and half an egg on top. Chop with a skewer or a wooden toothpick, put a leaf of parsley on top of each canapé.

Cut the sausage cheese into cubes, wrap each in a slice of salted fish, place pickled cucumber, olive and mint leaf on top. For convenience, you can start assembling canapes in the reverse order, with mint.

Fish roll in thin lavash

Fish roll in thin lavash
Fish roll in thin lavash


Armenian lavash - 2 leaves

  • Salmon / lightly salted trout - 300 gr.
  • Curd cheese - 1 pc.
  • Lettuce leaves - 100 gr.
  • Cucumber - 2 pcs.
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.
  • Olives, herbs - for decoration.

Rolls are convenient for the speed of preparation and beauty when serving, as well as the fact that they need to be prepared in advance so that the dish is soaked. Spread curd cheese on a sheet of pita bread (now its choice is very rich, Almette, President, Hochland, etc.). Curd cheese can be mixed with chopped herbs. Put the fish on the cheese, placing the pieces tightly. Roll up tightly, wrap in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator. Chop before serving, decorate as desired.

You can make more complex rolls with different fillings. Add lettuce, cucumber and Bulgarian pepper. In addition to fish, you can put squid and crab meat. And you can decorate with herbs, olives or red caviar.

Mini pizzas

Mini pizzas
Mini pizzas


Puff yeast dough - 1 pack

  • Russian cheese - 300 gr.
  • Ketchup - 150 gr.
  • Tomatoes - 2 pcs.
  • Pepper - 1/2 each different colors
  • Ham - 100 gr.
  • Salami - 100 gr.
  • Olives - a handful
  • Pizza seasoning to taste
  • Greens to taste.

Defrost the dough, roll out and cut into squares or circles. Brush each with ketchup, sprinkle with seasoning and grated cheese. Place different fillings on top - chopped ham with olives, pepper with tomatoes, salami with tomatoes or pepper. Send to an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Serve sprinkled with herbs.

Champignons baked with herbs

Champignons baked with herbs
Champignons baked with herbs


Fresh champignons - 10 pcs.

  • Parsley - bunch
  • Butter - 70 gr.
  • Olive oil - 2 tsp
  • Garlic - 2 tooth /
  • Mustard with seeds - 3 tbsp l.
  • Salt to taste.

Rinse the mushrooms, dry and cut off the top of the caps - for stability. Place the mushrooms, feet up, in a fireproof dish. Lubricate the inside of the caps with mustard. Chop the parsley and garlic, mix with olive oil and soft butter, put on the caps on top of the mustard. Cook in an oven preheated to 190 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Shrimp tartlets

Shrimp tartlets
Shrimp tartlets


Shrimps - 250 gr.

  • Crab sticks - 200 gr.
  • Tartlets - 10 pcs.
  • Eggs - 3 pcs.
  • Rokishchio cheese - 200 gr.
  • Olives - 10 pcs.
  • Canned corn - 1 can
  • Apple - 1 pc.
  • Mayonnaise - 100 gr.

Cut boiled eggs, crab sticks and apples into cubes, mix with corn and mayonnaise. Boil the shrimps, peel gently, leaving the tail. Fill the finished tartlets with the resulting salad, decorate with a skewer with olive, whole shrimp and a curly slice of cheese.

For even more recipes and ideas for decorating your holiday snacks, see our Recipes section.

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