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Video: Lessons At Home: Ellipsis (500-720 Kcal / Hour)

Video: Lessons At Home: Ellipsis (500-720 Kcal / Hour)
Video: TWO HOUR 1500 CALORIE WORKOUT 2023, June
Lessons At Home: Ellipsis (500-720 Kcal / Hour)
Lessons At Home: Ellipsis (500-720 Kcal / Hour)

Lessons at home: ellipsis (500-720 kcal / hour)

Home ellipsis
Home ellipsis

Elliptical trainers have the form of a special sports equipment, the use of which during training allows you to influence the main muscle groups of the human body, thereby providing an optimal load of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Despite the fact that this design is a rather complex technological scheme, nevertheless, they are distinguished by their compact size and mobility, which makes it possible to place them not only in the gym, but also in the apartment. The complex loads, the possibility of which is present in these simulators, allows you to replace morning jogging, skiing, as well as gymnastic exercises with such a sports equipment, for which some people simply do not have time. It is also important to note the factthat classes on elliptical trainers are able to be performed by people at any age, regardless of their level of physical fitness. This is largely due to a more fine tuning of the load and a high level of safety, which is provided when conducting classes using such equipment.

Those who decide to purchase an orbitrack for the home will face the problem of choice. The effectiveness of the elliptical trainer depends on the length of the stride. The bigger it is, the better. The benefit of the stride length of an elliptical trainer is due to the fact that with a large stride, different muscle groups are involved, it is possible to increase the load on them. You should also pay attention to the smoothness of the pedals, ease of use and the variable angle of inclination of the simulator. If the angle of inclination of the elliptical trainer lends itself to adjustment, then it becomes truly universal, you will not get bored during training. Look for models that move smoothly and quietly. A high-quality cardiovascular equipment will not make noise, no matter how intensely you do it. The effectiveness of an elliptical trainer depends on all of the above factors. Everything matters, but most importantlywhat to look out for is the benefit of the stride length of the elliptical trainer.

With a modern elliptical trainer, you can combine running, walking, cycling, skiing and stairs. When your legs move in a circle, then all your muscle groups are included in the work and the load is evenly distributed.

There are several types of elliptical trainers.

The cheapest option is mechanical elliptical trainers. Such simulators are set in motion by means of human strength. Quite a simple type of elliptical trainer. But it has some drawbacks: the noise generated during its operation and the low level of smoothness.

There are magnetic elliptical trainers. Such simulators are an order of magnitude higher in price than mechanical ones, but the loads can be changed smoothly and during operation such a simulator will not emit unnecessary noise. The advantages of this type of exercise equipment include durability. The work of the magnetic elliptical trainer is carried out by means of a magnetic braking system. This system is a permanent magnet that is mechanically as close as possible to the flywheel.

There are also electromagnetic elliptical trainers. They have an electromagnetic braking system. Its advantages include low noise level, precise load control and durability.

The control panel of the elliptical trainer has a display that shows the distance traveled, the level of load, training time, the number of calories burned and other useful information. Almost all such simulators have several programs that allow you to train the heart, or choose some other type of load.

The price of elliptical trainers can vary tenfold. The simplest simulator for home use, which allows you to perform exercises such as walking, running, skiing and cycling, can cost as little as 6,000 rubles. The upper price limit reaches several hundred thousand rubles - for example, 153 890 rubles. For this price, manufacturers have invested in it the latest technological innovations and advances in the study of biomechanics of movements. With this simulator, you can simulate a walk on the hills, you can choose a program aimed at burning fat in a specified area, or you can simply work on burning calories.

Advantages of the elliptical trainer:

Very effective and at the same time gentle training: it does not load the knees, like a stepper, there is no shock load on the spine, as when running, the muscles work more intensively than when walking.

  • The levers allow you to work your shoulders, chest, arms and back at the same time without additional exercise.
  • Disadvantages of a home elliptical trainer:

    The ellipsoid on wheels crawls pretty hard during training.

    • The heavier the flywheel, the more effective the training. However, a massive flywheel and a light frame are incompatible, so a good working ellipsoid is heavy and unwieldy.

    Price for an elliptical trainer: folding - from 6000 rubles; regular - from 12,000 rubles.

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