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Video: Home Activities: Leg Magic

Video: Home Activities: Leg Magic
Video: Leg Master/Leg Magic original workout 2023, March
Home Activities: Leg Magic
Home Activities: Leg Magic

Home Activities: Leg Magic

Exercise machine Leg Magic
Exercise machine Leg Magic

The Leg Magic trainer is designed to work on the muscles of the legs, abs and buttocks. Using the Leg Magic trainer for just a few minutes a day, you can easily get rid of excess weight and body fat in problem areas. The Lego Magic simulator is suitable for people of any age and gender. Creates a load on the muscles of the legs, strengthens the gluteal muscles, reduces the volume of the thighs and develops the calf muscles. High-quality work on areas such as the inner and outer thighs will make it easy to get a sexy and slim body.

Simply step on the pedals and move your feet toward the center and back. This simple exercise activates more than two hundred muscles. The load corresponds to the body weight, it is considered optimal for any person striving to improve their body and improve the physical condition of the body. The Leg Magic trainer combines the effects of treadmills and exercise bikes, but is more comfortable and much less time-consuming.

Regular exercise on the simulator will invigorate and improve blood circulation. Leg Magic will relieve extra pounds and give elasticity to the buttocks. Improving the cardiovascular system of the body will also be a good result of training.

Leg Magic Trainer
Leg Magic Trainer

Compact in size and easy to assemble, the Leg Magic can be stored anywhere. Trainings are comfortable and safe. The quality of the device will allow you to use it for many years.

Dimensions of the Leg Magic trainer:

length - 29 cm.

  • width - 44 cm.
  • height - 57 cm.
  • Advantages:

    Training is not traumatic.

    • About 200 leg muscles are being worked out.
    • Disadvantages:

      Additional upper body exercises are needed.

      Price: from 1990 rub.

      Movement is life

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