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Video: Lessons At Home: Rider (550-650 Kcal / Hour)

Video: Lessons At Home: Rider (550-650 Kcal / Hour)
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Lessons At Home: Rider (550-650 Kcal / Hour)
Lessons At Home: Rider (550-650 Kcal / Hour)

Lessons at home: rider (550-650 kcal / hour)

Rider simulator
Rider simulator

A rider simulator, a kind of scissors with a saddle. A bit like an exercise bike, as it has a handlebar and saddle. You just need to raise and lower your own body, in which the unit itself slightly helps.

Training on riders has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, on the ability to absorb oxygen by the body. During exercise, excess body fat is used up, providing the body with energy. The trainer guarantees the development of strength and endurance without undesirable consequences for the knee, elbow and other joints.

You should never start a workout without warming up. It is necessary to spend at least 5-10 minutes stretching and gymnastics before starting a workout to prevent rapid heart rate, rapid muscle fatigue and cramps. To reduce fatigue and soreness, end your workout with walking for a few minutes at a slow pace to help normalize your heart rate.

Rider Trainer
Rider Trainer

Increase the intensity of your workouts gradually, do not try to dramatically increase the load.

Breathe deeply during exercise. You can breathe through your mouth, if necessary. You can even talk - if during training it is impossible to maintain a conversation, then too much load is given.

Rest is a very important part of the training process. A workout program will not be beneficial if you don't get enough rest.

Training frequency: For beginners, train every other day for at least a month. Advanced - Work out at least five times a week (six days is the maximum). Ideally, train for three days in a row with one rest day, then two days of training followed by a rest day.

Advantages of the home fitness machine rider:

The load on all muscles of the legs, buttocks and back is quite noticeable, while the joints are relatively unloaded. Suitable for people with knee problems and varicose veins.

  • It takes up little space - no more than 1 sq.m.
  • Disadvantages of Home Rider Trainer:

    For all its usefulness, this is one of the most boring exercise machines.

    Exercise machine price: from 3000 rubles.

    Movement is life

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