Disability - The Path To Sports

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Disability - The Path To Sports
Disability - The Path To Sports

Video: Disability - The Path To Sports

Video: Disability - The Path To Sports
Video: Disability sport is the future | Abu Yilla | TEDxUTA 2023, September

Disability - the path to sports

It's no secret that over the 2000s, children's disabilities began to grow. This is not only evidenced by research by scientists and statistics. People with congenital disabilities themselves began to talk about this. They ceased to be ashamed of their peculiarities, began to declare more and more about themselves and their desire to live on a par with ordinary people.

Disability - the path to sports
Disability - the path to sports

And they began to pay more attention: during the construction of new buildings and roads, ramps and handrails are installed everywhere. More and more organizations are installing buttons - bells to call staff for help. And sports are no exception.

Example of 4 outstanding athletes with disabilities

More and more trainers are mastering the skill of working with such people. The Paralympic Games are becoming more and more popular. More and more athletes with disabilities are appearing. Sport actively enters life and provides an opportunity to realize oneself, to reveal new opportunities not only for healthy people.

Below are 4 outstanding athletes with disabilities who conquer themselves and their ailments every day. They have already achieved huge success, but they do not stop there.

1. Vladislav Sitdikov

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

  • Sports discipline: powerlifting
  • Title: Master of Sports, Champion of Russia.

Vlad is a competitive athlete. In powerlifting since 2010. Trains 3 times a week, observes the diet. Competes with normal, healthy athletes and wins! Today (2019) his main dream is to compete at the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020.

Vladislav Sitdikov
Vladislav Sitdikov

Down syndrome is a "disease of kindness." People with this syndrome are called "sunny". And this is no accident: they live only in the present and rejoice today, do not tremble over their tomorrow. Society is used to being wary of such people, because they are different. But, oddly enough, it is these “other”, “sunny” people who can teach us, ordinary people, to be happier, kinder and more benevolent.

2. Kheda Berieva

Diagnosis: congenital malformation of the musculoskeletal system

  • Sports discipline: powerlifting
  • Title: International Master of Sports in Powerlifting. Member of the Russian Paralympic team. She took 4th place at the Paralympics in London.

Throughout her adult life, Kheda led the ordinary life of a girl. She grew up in a large family, survived the war in Chechnya and came to Novokuznetsk, where she entered a specialized college with a degree in Advertising. But fate gave Hede a chance and she took advantage of it. She showed herself at armwrestling competitions and agreed to come to the barbell section.

Kheda Berieva
Kheda Berieva

“I wanted to see if I could? The first time I lifted the weight of 50 kg. And I liked it .

And then hard training, regimen and nutrition, competitions and the Olympics in London.

Kheda is a modest girl. She does not scream about her victories. She dreams of realizing herself in advertising and trains hard.

The defeat of the musculoskeletal system includes a large group of developmental disabilities. In Kheda's case, it is the inability to move independently. But such a terrible diagnosis does not prevent her from developing and achieving sports success and being a purposeful full-fledged girl.

3. Dmitry Kokarev

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, severe form

  • Sports discipline: swimming.
  • Title: Honored Master of Sports in Swimming. 3-time champion of the Beijing Paralympic Games. 3-time silver medalist and one-time bronze medalist at the London Paralympic Games.

Dmitry from 3 months in the pool, from 5 years in sports swimming, from 7 years - a competing athlete. At birth, Dmitry was deprived of the ability to move. put disappointing forecasts, claiming that Dmitry would never be able to move. Dmitry's mom decided otherwise. And she gave all her strength to fight the terrible diagnosis.

Dmitry Kokarev
Dmitry Kokarev

Who would have thought then, at birth, that the boy literally had a Golden Future. Daily training, regimen, titanic work on themselves do their job.

Today Dmitry glorifies Russia by winning international competitions. He thinks sensibly, speaks competently and, despite his merits, is very modest and does not allow himself the slightest relaxation.

4. Artur Kinzhabaev

Diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy

  • Sports discipline: powerlifting
  • Title: International Master of Sports in Powerlifting. Fitness instructor.

Arthur's story is amazing.

At the age of 5, he could not walk on his own. His parents did not give up and put maximum faith, energy and time into their son. At the age of 10, he was already studying in a regular school and playing sports. As a teenager, he was captured by the world of powerlifting. He built a barbell at home from scrap materials for additional exercises.

Arthur lived in the village, got to school by bus, after school he went to the sports section. And in the evening I got to the house on foot, because by that time the buses were no longer running. Now Arthur moves confidently and his movements do not give a diagnosis at all. There are NO deviations! The only thing is that speech is difficult, but these are trifles.

Arthur Kinzhabaev
Arthur Kinzhabaev

He received his education, went to work as a sewing machine adjuster, and continued to train and compete. Once, the rector of Ural UFC noticed him and offered to graduate from higher education for the opportunity to work as a coach and Artur agreed. After receiving the diploma, it was not easy to find a job, but here, too, fate turned out to be favorable: Mikhail Koklyaev helped Arthur.

Now Arthur lives in sports: he works as a fitness trainer, continues to train and performs in competitions.

And, most importantly, it inspires ordinary, healthy people.

How not to become "disabled", even without deviations in health

All 4 athletes are distinguished by:

The faith and support of parents who were not ashamed, did not refuse, but everyone believed in their child and gave the way to real life on an equal footing with the rest.

  • Steel will. The guys have no other way, the slightest indulgence today is a few steps back tomorrow.
  • Modesty, good breeding and education. All guys, without exception, are smart, tactful and worthy of their awards. Victories over themselves and others (ordinary people) do not in the least raise them above the ground. They reason soberly and look at this world.
  • How not to become "disabled", even without deviations in health
    How not to become "disabled", even without deviations in health

    So now the questions:

    1. Who is really with disabilities?
    2. Does such a definition fly to the address?
    3. And are ordinary people so healthy and normal who do not want to fight their laziness, while having an absolutely healthy body?

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