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How To Return Menstruation If They Disappeared During Weight Loss?
How To Return Menstruation If They Disappeared During Weight Loss?

How to return menstruation if they disappeared during weight loss?

Menstrual irregularities or no periods at all on a diet are common problems. This can indicate both serious illnesses and the fact that a specific diet and exercise program are not suitable for you, that there is too much stress in life, the body is tired and needs rest. To solve the problem, you need to find and eliminate the cause that caused it. This will require blood tests and a break from diet and exercise. Read more in the article.

How to return menstruation if they disappeared during weight loss?

Many women on a diet are faced with some kind of menstrual irregularity. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of nutrition and the peculiarities of training against the background of the female cycle, and in order to return the period, you need to understand the reasons and urgently take action (calorizer). An increase in your cycle, irregular periods, or a complete cessation of your periods can either lead to or signal major health problems.

How to return menstruation if they disappeared during weight loss?
How to return menstruation if they disappeared during weight loss?

To begin with, you should make sure that an irregular cycle or absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) is not one of the symptoms of serious diseases, such as polycystic ovary disease, early menopause, pituitary tumor, thyroid disorders. It is necessary to consult a gynecologist and endocrinologist to get a referral for blood tests to exclude these options.

Causes of menstrual irregularities

In most cases, those who lose weight lose their periods for the following reasons:

Too much physical activity;

  • Too large and / or prolonged calorie deficit;
  • Unbalanced diet;
  • Reaching too low a percentage of body fat;
  • Chronic stress.

Too much physical activity can cause amenorrhea. This often happens when girls copy the training programs of the professionals, try to set records in every class, or do too much cardio (several hours every day). The body is under tremendous stress and seeks to save energy due to the function of procreation.

Causes of menstrual irregularities
Causes of menstrual irregularities

A rigid or prolonged diet leads to hormonal imbalances - the level of the stress hormone rises, the level of leptin decreases, followed by the level of sex hormones. In such conditions, the body seeks to survive, not multiply. Leptin is involved in the regulation of the reproductive system. The stronger and longer the calorie deficit, the lower the level of this hormone.

Avoiding whole food groups, such as red meat and dairy products, and severely restricting fat can lead to disruptions in the female cycle. Fats are essential for the production of hormones. Red meat contains iron and dairy products contain calcium. The needs of women for these substances are higher than that of men, especially against the background of problems with the cycle.

Low body fat and rapid weight loss also imbalance hormones. It is also worth mentioning here leptin, the level of which in the body decreases with weight loss.

Low body fat and rapid weight loss also imbalance hormones
Low body fat and rapid weight loss also imbalance hormones

Chronic stress is one of the main factors in hormonal disorders. The nervous and endocrine systems regulate the immune and reproductive functions. There is ample evidence of how prolonged emotional turmoil has led to menstrual irregularities. There is a concept of "military amenorrhea", when during periods of hostilities women lost their periods. Many women in their daily life experience stress of such a level that makes their body "delay" the moment of ovulation. The situation is aggravated by a calorie deficit, exercise, lack of sleep, neuroses and complexes, abuse of stimulants.

How to restore the menstrual cycle?

Ignoring the problem can lead to serious consequences - infertility, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, which develop against the background of hormonal disorders. First of all, you need to take blood tests for hormones and undergo an examination, which will be prescribed by a doctor to make sure that you are formally healthy. In parallel with this, create conditions in which the cycle can recover itself. As you know, prevention is the best treatment.

  1. Give yourself a 2 week rest from your workout. Increase non-training activity - go for walks more often, try to be mobile;
  2. Recalculate the calorie content of the diet from a deficit to maintaining weight, eat within this calorie intake for two weeks;
  3. Balance the BJU of your diet;
  4. Each meal should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats;
  5. Get enough sleep;
  6. Get more rest, use stress reduction techniques;
  7. Drink a high-quality vitamin and mineral complex, pay more attention to the content of vitamins A and E, iron, calcium, selenium and iodine. Consult your doctor about the choice of vitamin-mineral complex and the need for additional supplements;
  8. Eat sea fish more often or include omega-3 supplements in your diet.

After that, you can gradually return to training, but do the following:

  1. Reduce the intensity of physical activity;
  2. Calculate the calorie intake based on the available energy;
  3. On workout days, compensate for the calories spent on exercise with meals to the level of available energy.
How to restore the menstrual cycle?
How to restore the menstrual cycle?

The recovery process won't be quick. It can take one month or four. It depends on how long ago the hormonal balance was disturbed. The sooner you normalize your daily routine, nutrition and mental state, the better for your health.

Thus, in order to prevent menstrual irregularities, you should refrain from extremes in nutrition and exercise, control stress levels and take into account the characteristics of your body (calorizator). To restore the cycle, you will have to do the same, but it will require taking a break from training and diet. Perhaps this will take one step away from the result, but it will return you the main thing - your health.

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