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Video: How To Celebrate The New Year

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year
Video: How To Celebrate The New Year 2023, June
How To Celebrate The New Year
How To Celebrate The New Year

How to celebrate the New Year - the Year of the Dragon?

How to celebrate New 2012 Year of the Black Water Dragon?

The Dragon
The Dragon

The next 2012 is the year of the Black Water Dragon. Astrologers recommend meeting him actively, cheerfully, in a friendly or family circle. The dragon loves fireworks, games, fun and all kinds of fun, so there should be a lot of all this when celebrating the New Year.

The dragon is a mythical animal. Experts say that the year under his sign brings karmic events, when everyone is rewarded what he deserves.

You need to celebrate the New Year of the Dragon like this. A few minutes before the chiming clock, relax, take a break from the company of friends, and mentally thank the patron saint of the outgoing year - Rabbit. Imagine that all the good things that happened in the past year pass with you into the new year, while problems and troubles remain in the old one. At midnight, mentally greet the Dragon. When meeting this year, be sure to be positive.

In the year of the Dragon, astrologers recommend giving goodness, love and positive emotions to others - all this will return to you, back, multiplied. Try to show less negative emotions, otherwise the Dragon will return them to you.

What to wear for the 2012 New Year of the Dragon?

Girls on the podium
Girls on the podium

The question "what to wear for the new year" worries many. The recommendations of astrologers boil down to one thing: you need to shine at the holiday. Clothes, jewelry, beauty, smiles, love of life, wit - almost anything!

In clothes, it is preferable to combine black with bright red, yellow, green, gold. You can wear provocative dresses, flashy jewelry, bright makeup and manicure.

If you don't like to look catchy and bright, you can wear a modest suit, decorate it with bright accents - a belt, brooch, scarf or other suitable accessory.

When choosing a hairstyle, you can also show imagination. To create an image, use beautiful hairpins, bright hoops, glitter hairspray, colored strands - you can think of a lot. It is only important here not to overdo it, not to look like a peacock - observe moderation when using bright accessories. One of those that was on you when meeting the New Year, try to use it in your daily life. So you will attract the patronage of the owner of the next year: the Dragon loves everything shiny and bright. The chosen accessory will become your main talisman, which will attract good luck, just do not forget to put it on before leaving the house.

What should be on the table for 2012 New Year of the Dragon?

Baked fish
Baked fish

Traditionally, variety and abundance should reign on the New Year's table. You can serve any dish: duck, chicken, veal, any poultry, rabbit, pork, beef, oriental dishes - that is, whatever you like. For the sake of the Dragon, food must be cooked using "spicy" seasonings: cardamom, basil, pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, etc.

The main thing is that there must be fish on the table in the New Year. It can be in any form, preferable to more expensive varieties, sterlet, trout, red fish, salmon. You can cook it in any way of your choice: fry, steam, bake in the oven. Seafood can also be served: shrimp, squid, oysters, crayfish, mussels, crabs, etc.

To please the Dragon, you can do an interesting "fire-breathing" trick: you need to pour alcohol over the dish, set it on fire and serve it on the table - it looks very impressive. Moreover, this can be done both with meat dishes and with dessert - ice cream or fruit. An abundance of fruit will come in handy. For dessert, you can prepare fruit salads - not only tasty, but also healthy for digestion.

Any beverages can be served: wines, juices, liquor, vodka, etc. The symbol of the holiday must be present - champagne.

When setting the table, it is recommended to use lighted candles, while remembering the precautions. It would also be appropriate to use sparklers to commemorate the 2012 New Year of the Dragon.

How to decorate an apartment for the New 2012 Year of the Dragon?

Dragon on the holiday table
Dragon on the holiday table

You should immediately identify the symbols and elements of the coming year in feng shui: dragon, tree and water. Based on this, we can draw conclusions on how to decorate an apartment. Shells, starfish, images of fish, octopuses and other marine life will be appropriate. Decorative fountains and waterfalls would be a wonderful option. Crystal, glass, wood, flowers are also suitable for decorating your apartment. That is, various figurines, vases, compositions of flowers and tree branches.

And of course, a dragon figurine must be present in the apartment. It is desirable that it be wooden, glass, crystal or transparent plastic. If you don't have a figurine, then it can be a soft toy, a picture, an embroidery depicting a dragon.

Get yourself a mascot for 2012 and always carry it with you. The best option is a keychain. You can also decorate your desk with a dragon figurine. Another good option is a fridge magnet for the Dragon to guard the home. You can just put a dragon figurine in your house (except for the bedroom). And then throughout the year the Dragon will be supportive of your home.

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