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Video: 2014 Oshogatsu Family Festival - Celebrate the Year of the Horse! 2023, February
How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Horse
How To Celebrate The New Year Of The Horse

How to celebrate the New 2014 year of the Horse

Next New 2014 will be the Year of the Horse
Next New 2014 will be the Year of the Horse

The next New Year 2014 will be the Year of the Horse. The mascot of the year is the Blue Wooden Horse. She has a fairly wide range of interests. So, the Horse will not tolerate unnecessary noise and fuss, which is why it is better to celebrate the New 2014 Year of the Horse by tradition, in a close family circle, with close friends, relatives. It is recommended to give up funny companies, as the hostess of the year may not like it.

The element of the year is water. As you know, water is characterized by inconstancy, dynamism, the ability to penetrate everywhere, to change quickly. Blue is the color of space, darkness over the abyss.

Like last year of the horse (2002), this year will also be special. According to the forecasts of astrologers, strong positive changes are expected in the life of every person, the implementation of the plan. Some of you will get a coveted job, some of you will be promoted up the career ladder, some of you may move to live abroad, acquire your own real estate, and some of you will consolidate a relationship with a loved one by marriage, who will find its long-awaited soul mate. In spite of everything, the Horse will bring a sea of ​​joy, happiness and love to everyone's life, improve their financial condition. It remains only to wait a little, as the stars will remind of themselves.

In order to draw the horse's attention to your family and receive its protection and sympathy, you must adhere to certain rules in celebrating the New Year. Which ones? We will tell you:

among the variety of Christmas tree decorations, we advise you to give preference to silver and gold colors;

  • do not skimp on pleasant gifts for your loved ones and relatives;
  • at home, install a live, not artificial spruce by all means;
  • clothes on a holiday should look rich on you, at the same time it is important that you feel comfortable and comfortable in it;
  • on the New Year's table there should be at least 1-2 dishes from Chinese or Japanese cuisine (for example, sushi).
  • What is the recommended way to celebrate 2014 of the Horse?
    What is the recommended way to celebrate 2014 of the Horse?

    What is the recommended way to celebrate 2014 of the Horse?

    This year, astrologers have several opinions in terms of the color of their clothes. Many of them are sure that black must be present in a festive dress, others argue that green or blue must be added to black. But they all agree that it is necessary to shine, since the Horse adores everything shiny, juicy. In addition, the Horse loves jewelry, so if there is such an opportunity, use them in your outfit to the maximum, and do not forget that you need to know when to stop in everything. Tight tight dresses are also recommended. You can decorate your hair with glitter polish, as the Horse loves.

    How to set a festive table in the New 2014 Year of the Horse?

    As we said above, it is important that there are at least a few Chinese traditional dishes on the holiday table this year. Also, preference should be given to those dishes in the preparation of which additional spices and herbs are used. The more, the better. It is good if you decorate the dishes in the style of the New Year. For example, some kind of salad or fruit slices will be in the form of a small Christmas tree, and so on.

    What should be on the festive table, you ask? This time, it is recommended to please the hostess of the next year with vegetable dishes that contain beets, carrots, potatoes, as well as a variety of greens. From drinks, preference should be given to juices, fruit drinks, champagne. Particular attention should be paid to alcoholic beverages. As you know, the New Year is never complete without a bottle of champagne. And if it is also not ordinary, from the store shelf, but in an original, beautifully decorated, will combine original hand-painted, modeling, etc. - this will serve as a worthy decoration for your festive table.

    Horses love to crunch croutons, dryers. Therefore, you can include everything crispy in snacks and salads, bake, for example, oatmeal cookies, rolls, ordinary bread. The smell of baking will add even more coziness and warmth to your home. You can decorate a festive spruce with cookies, previously wrapped in foil or other beautiful wrapper.

    We have told you how it is recommended to celebrate the New 2014 - the year of the blue wooden Horse.

    May she bring you good luck and luck

    May she bring you good luck and luck
    May she bring you good luck and luck

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