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Video: How To Choose Shoes For Fitness And Sports

Video: How To Choose Shoes For Fitness And Sports
Video: How To Choose the Right Shoes | with SPORTS EXPERTS 2023, June
How To Choose Shoes For Fitness And Sports
How To Choose Shoes For Fitness And Sports

How to choose shoes for fitness and sports

You can't run away from yourself

So, have you really set out to start a new life, eat right and have an active lifestyle? Then it's time to choose the right sportswear and especially the shoes that will allow you not only to feel comfortable during your workouts, but also to achieve excellent results without health problems. Diseases such as chondromalacia of the knee, plantar aponeurosis, and early arthritis should not be underestimated, so read this article before purchasing a running shoe. Strength training is such a broad concept that it is worth deciding in advance which types of loads you prefer (in the gym, on a run, or with a personal fitness trainer).

Running shoes

Running is aimed at attracting a long-term uniform load on all muscle groups in our body, while a person does not make sharp, impulsive movements during a run. In this case, choose a lightweight shoe with a cushioning sole. Designed to distribute the load evenly between the heel and toes, the shoe has a textured and elastic base, thus providing freedom of movement. The upper should be made of breathable materials.

Running shoes
Running shoes


In bodybuilding and gym training, a fundamentally different approach to choosing comfortable shoes is taken. Lifting the bar while standing puts a powerful load on the foot, especially its back. For such workouts, sneakers with a hard, stable sole are usually chosen to provide the best traction on the floor. A small heel will help maintain your center of gravity. The upper part of the shoe should support the ankle, which will give more stability to the entire torso, so choose sneakers with leather inserts.

Weightlifting Sneakers
Weightlifting Sneakers


The most popular are, of course, universal models of sneakers, in which it will be convenient to do not only fitness, but also aerobics, kickboxing and other sports that include side-to-side movements. The flexibility of all shoe materials is important here: sole, instep support and upper. If you are planning a really heterogeneous workout, you should opt for lightweight shoes with a rubberized base and grooved tread.

We also advise you to pay attention to some general tips for choosing a comfortable pair.

Always try on shoes on the socks in which you plan to play sports, preferably made of thick, soft fabric. It is better that the sneakers do not squeeze the foot during movement: the thumb moves freely inside the shoe, while the heel area is immobilized and fits snugly against the shoe.

  • It's best to head to the store for new sneakers in the afternoon. At this time, our feet are most extended after a long walk, their condition is as close as possible to how you will feel at the moment of heavy loads and training. If you prefer online shopping, make sure your shipping terms include fitting time and the option to opt out if a pair of sneakers doesn't fit. And you can always consider the design, colors, lacing method in advance in online stores or on product aggregator sites.
  • Be sure to try on a pair entirely in the store, take a few steps and perform (at least approximately) those body movements that will be included in your training plan. Both shoes should fit perfectly, not squeeze or squish. You should not count on the fact that after some time the shoes are "carried".
  • Look for discounted items, stores often run sales or offer some items at a good discount. So you can get modern sports shoes at an affordable price.
  • General tips for choosing a comfortable pair of sneakers
    General tips for choosing a comfortable pair of sneakers

    Oh sport, you are life

    Always remember that an active lifestyle and training should not negatively affect your health, so taking a serious approach to choosing a shoe model is the right start on the path to success.

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