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Video: How To Make Yourself Lose Weight?

Video: How To Make Yourself Lose Weight?
How To Make Yourself Lose Weight?
How To Make Yourself Lose Weight?

How to make yourself lose weight?

All weight loss stories begin almost the same - plumper in view of some reason that has become like a knot.

While cooking for my husband, we get better and think about the time to lose weight
While cooking for my husband, we get better and think about the time to lose weight

Very often, the reason is marriage and the birth of a child, because the family is in the first place for any woman. I would like to make my loved ones feel good and comfortable. How to create a warm atmosphere at home? Of course, cook something delicious. This is how extra pounds stick …

And then we begin to notice that a husband or friend stops paying us due attention, sometimes, he is delayed at work. And we no longer want to look in the mirror and take pictures at parties, and we don’t really want to go to the parties themselves. Familiar situation? And if the excess weight becomes too much, then health problems also appear to depression about the appearance.

And it is at this moment that we understand that it is necessary to change something in our life. So what to do after the thought of losing weight came to mind and we honestly admitted to ourselves in this need?

The first thing to do is set a goal. This goal should be specific. However, many make the mistake of phrasing it like this: "I want to lose 10 kg." If you weigh 70 kg, and you want to weigh 60 kg, then your goal should sound like this: "I want to weigh 60 kg."

Set a goal
Set a goal

The second thing to do besides setting the weight is a description of how you will look, how you will feel at the new weight, what you will gain by reaching it. The more detailed the goal is, it will be the main factor that will allow you to achieve it, move towards it with pleasure.

Third, you need to choose the right motive. What exactly do you need to achieve this weight and achieve your goal. Among the main motives one can name: to be healthy, to be beautiful, to be energetic, to keep the family … however, such a motive as to be healthy is not always in the first place.

There are several criteria for determining if the goal is correct. Consider them:

  1. Realism. Your goal should be realistic and physiologically possible. If, with a height of 170 cm, you want to weigh 40 kg, then no matter how you imagine it, this goal is unrealistic, at least without loss of health. Most likely, you will get unjustified hopes and instead of achieving this goal - frustration.
  2. The goal must be desired. If the goal is desired, then you will want to strive for it.

And finally, you need to choose the right way to achieve your goal. We want to lose weight quickly, and usually without doing anything. Take a pill and lose weight, preferably in 1 day. But this does not happen and all these "tricks" lead to the reverse weight gain, and even to the loss of health. Therefore, when choosing a way to get rid of extra pounds, remember one golden rule:

The calories burned should always be higher than the calories consumed

But that's another topic for conversation.

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