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Video: How To Normalize Intestinal Microflora During A Diet
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How To Normalize Intestinal Microflora During A Diet
How To Normalize Intestinal Microflora During A Diet

How to normalize intestinal microflora during a diet

The very word "losing weight" can cause stress for many of us, as it is associated with discomfort, strict restrictions, grueling training and adherence to a strict diet. Is it possible to achieve the desired shape without unnecessary sacrifice and effort? It turns out that this is quite real, it is enough to establish the correct functioning of the intestines.

What are pre- and probiotics

In the intestine, not only food is digested, nutrients are absorbed and toxins and toxins are removed. In addition, he is responsible for vigorous health, strong immunity, good appearance and a slim figure. How successfully the intestine copes with its tasks, first of all, depends on the state of its microflora - or, more precisely, the balance of pre- and probiotics.

Since these concepts are often confused, let's clarify a little. Prebiotics are indigestible dietary fibers that properly stimulate the intestinal microflora and provide nutrition for beneficial microorganisms. Sources of prebiotics are thermally unprocessed vegetables and fruits, as well as some types of cereals. No wonder nutritionists recommend focusing on such foods in your diet.

Why take pre- and probiotics
Why take pre- and probiotics

However, many dieters find that an increase in dietary fiber intake is far from desired. Instead of losing kilograms, many complain about the onset of digestive problems - bloating, heaviness in the abdomen, constipation. The thing is that, in addition to prebiotics, another group of intestinal “inhabitants” - probiotics - plays an important role in well-coordinated work. They metabolize prebiotics and help our bodies get the most out of them.

Why take pre- and probiotics

Because of the importance of these beneficial bacteria to gut health, nutritionists recommend that you pay special attention to probiotics and include them in your diet.

Probiotics regulate the rate and quality of metabolism, which is why their deficiency, otherwise called dysbiosis, leads to a whole range of troubles not only with health, but also with appearance. Excess weight and unsatisfactory skin condition (acne) are the most frequent "companions" of intestinal imbalance.

The widely advertised fermented milk products with "live" cultures are often not a solution to the problem, because to restore the microflora, probiotics are needed with the content of beneficial microorganisms in an amount of at least one billion per meal. The number of bacteria in most fermented milk products is too small compared to the recommended dosage.

What are the best bacteria to take to lose weight?
What are the best bacteria to take to lose weight?

The intestine is a whole system, the individual elements of which function successfully only when they are in balance. The right combination of pre- and probiotics improves lipid metabolism, thereby promoting weight loss and helping to maintain a high metabolic rate. It is a good metabolism that allows you to maintain the result of the diet for a long time. The well-coordinated work of pre- and probiotics ensures proper intestinal motility - due to which there is a timely excretion of all that our body does not need. Thus, a healthy gut microflora ensures optimal physical fitness and allows you to feel full of strength and energy.

The balanced combination of lacto- and bifidobacteria in the LACTOBALANCE® multiprobiotic contains 3 billion probiotic microorganisms, which help to restore the intestinal microflora. It includes a special group of lactobacilli L. Gasseri, which have a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism and weight loss, which has been proven in the course of studies by Japanese scientists 1. LACTOBALANCE® is recommended as a source of probiotics during and after a diet, as well as after taking medications that violate the natural intestinal microflora, including during and after taking antibiotics. The probiotic complex restores the balance of intestinal microflora and normalizes its work.

Unlike many other probiotics and fermented milk products, LACTOBALANCE® does not require storage in the refrigerator, it is convenient to take it with you.

Let life rage, not belly

More information about LACTOBALANCE® can be found on the official website

[1] Kadooka Y. Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 in fermented milk on abdominal adiposity in adults in a randomized controlled trial. British Journal of Nutrition (2013), 110, 1696-1703.

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