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Video: How To Determine Your Biological Age

Video: How To Determine Your Biological Age
Video: TESTS FOR BIOLOGICAL AGE | How Well Are You Aging? [2020] 2023, June
How To Determine Your Biological Age
How To Determine Your Biological Age

How to determine your biological age

How to determine your biological age
How to determine your biological age

Perhaps you have noticed some symptoms, for example, aversion to the usual food, unreasonable migraines, weight gain on a rigid diet, and other sensations that you have not previously encountered.

Conclusion - something is happening, your body is changing. Scientists say that people who are young by their biological age find it easier to cope with environmental changes. The number of years lived is determined not at all by the true age of a person, it is the biological age that decides.

Scientists have proven that the chronological age indicated on your passport does not correspond to how old you really are, that is, your biological age. Psychologically, you can be much older or, conversely, younger. It all depends on how you feel and what kind of lifestyle you lead. There are people who are biologically 40, and chronologically 80, and vice versa.

Of course, the question is natural: so how to find the correct diagnosis that helps to determine the biological age? For this, medical sources recommend a test, which we will use. Let's perform several tasks of the test:

1. Measure your heart rate. Now do 30 squats at a fast pace. Measure your heart rate again, note the difference. If your heart rate has increased by:

0-10 units - you are 20 years old;

  • 10-20 units - 30 years;
  • 20-30 units - 40 years;
  • 30-40 units - 50 years;
  • more than 40 units - 60 years and older.
  • Biological age test
    Biological age test

    2. So, firmly squeeze the skin on the back of the hand with your thumb and forefinger, in other words, you need to pinch yourself for 5 seconds. For accurate results, time the time with a stopwatch. Then, letting go of your fingers, determine how many seconds your skin will return from whitened to its original state:

    in 5 seconds - you are about 30 years old;

    • over 8 - about 40 years;
    • in 10 - about 50 years;
    • for 15 - about 60 years.

    3. Let us now take up gymnastics. Stand up straight, bend your knees, bend forward. Try to touch the floor with your palms in this position. Basically, this is an easy task. Let's evaluate the result:

    you put your palms on the floor completely - your biological age is 20-30 years;

    • touching the floor with your fingers - about 40 years;
    • reach with your hands only to the shins - about 50 years;
    • you will only reach your knees - in 60 years.

    4. Now let's check the reaction speed. Your assistant holds a regular student's ruler, 50 cm long, vertically, zero down, with your hand 10 cm lower. The assistant should suddenly release the ruler, and you should try to grasp it with your index and thumb. The result is measured in centimeters:

    if you hold the ruler at the 20 cm mark - 20 years;

    • 25 cm - 30 years old;
    • 35 cm - 40 years old;
    • 45 cm - 60 years old.
    • Biological age test
      Biological age test

      5. Place your hands behind your back and lock them in a "lock" at the shoulder blades. If you:

      did it with ease - you are 20 years old;

      • only touched with fingers - 30 years;
      • could not touch - 40 years;
      • could not get their hands behind their back - 60 years.

      6. Now the task is the most difficult. Close your eyes tightly, stand alternately on your left or right leg. It is allowed to balance with the hands, but it is forbidden to hold on. Try to stay in this position. Let someone close to you count how many seconds you were able to stay in this position:

      30 and more - 20 years;

      • 20 - 40 years old;
      • 15 - 50 years old;
      • less than 10 - 60 years old and older.

      If you are not happy with the results, finally take care of your health, start at least with morning exercises. After a while, the test exercises can be repeated. And, perhaps, physical age will give way to biological.

      Also, the following tips will help you keep in good shape:

      How to reduce your biological age
      How to reduce your biological age

      Drink more green tea, which contains antioxidants that help the body to shake up and rejuvenate. This is especially true in summer - this type of tea is a wonderful thirst quencher, which cannot be said about sweet carbonated water.

      • Eat bitter chocolate instead of milk chocolate, containing at least 70% cocoa. Scientists have proven that a few slices a day of this chocolate help to normalize the circulatory system, and also increase mental activity. Among other things, dark chocolate can help manage stress and improve memory.
      • Make masks. For example, fruit relieves dry skin, and their aroma has a calming effect on the nervous system.
      • Go in for sports. Just 30 minutes of muscle activity a day will help the body to tone up and prevent skin aging.
      • Laugh more - laughter destroys stress hormones in your blood.
      • Make love regularly. Scientists have proven that nothing cheers you up like good sex. In addition, it also helps to normalize sleep, helps the body to produce hormones of joy.
      • Be careful with medicines. When buying medicines, never hesitate to consult with your pharmacist about how they work with others (even just vitamins), when it is best to take them.
      • Finally, try to think less about your problems! The more you get hung up on them, the less likely you are to get rid of them and the more likely you are to acquire "mania." Divide the problems into 2 types: solved now - solved later. Deal with them in the order, depending on the emergence of funds, while not paying attention to unnecessary thoughts about troubles.

      Remember that the tests that we have cited today as an example determine biological age only conditionally. This is due to the fact that with age, not one level of “wear and tear” of our internal organs changes, but also anthropological data, for example: the height becomes smaller, the shoulders are narrower, the stomach is larger, even the nose is wider, and the ears are longer! All this is compared in a special program. Thus, only specialists will help to find out your biological age for certain.

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