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Video: How To Celebrate A Birthday With A Diet And Taste

Video: How To Celebrate A Birthday With A Diet And Taste
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How To Celebrate A Birthday With A Diet And Taste
How To Celebrate A Birthday With A Diet And Taste

How to celebrate a birthday with a diet and taste

Holidays while dieting are stressful for many losing weight. Friends' birthdays, anniversaries of relatives, national holidays, corporate events, parties and your own birthday add difficulties to the process of losing weight. Chronic dietary disturbances make it difficult to maintain healthy habits or cause serious eating disorders, forcing a person to avoid social activities. How to behave when losing weight on someone else's holiday and how to celebrate your own birthday with diet and taste.

How to celebrate a birthday with a diet and taste
How to celebrate a birthday with a diet and taste

Is diet and holidays compatible?

Many people are convinced that losing weight and the holidays are not compatible. For some people, this causes guilt, while for others it gives the green light to test the capacity of their stomachs.

Correct behavior scenarios for losing weight:

  1. Strictly follow the diet for two weeks and schedule a cheat meal for the holiday period.
  2. Adhere to the usual dietary food, and in the afternoon before and after the holiday, spend fasting days.
  3. During the day, eat light food consisting of low-fat sources of protein and vegetables, and at the holiday, show moderation, choosing mostly healthy dishes, without giving up dessert.

All three options are correct, but only the last one shows the strength of the habits. Remember, you don't have to eat whatever is offered. “Try so as not to offend” is an excuse that encourages overeating. You will not offend the person by choosing healthy snacks from the list (calorizer). There is no need to notify about your diet, and if they ask why you do not eat fatty salad, tell me how much you liked the other - light one. It is unlikely that someone will look into the mouth of those present when everyone is enjoying the holiday.

Is diet and holidays compatible
Is diet and holidays compatible

How to plan your own birthday menu

Most people justify the presence of fatty, fried, high-calorie and completely unhealthy snacks on the festive table by saying that "this is for guests" and "once you can", but in everyday life they eat right. The paradox is that by doing the best we are doing the guests a disservice. We do not know which of those present suffers from insulin resistance, has high blood cholesterol, fights overweight, suffers from hypertension, indigestion, and goes to you with thoughts to try a little of everything so as not to offend.

Ways to make the menu more dietary:

Prepare dietary versions of popular salads.

  • Use tartlets instead of salad bowls. Tartlet salads look unusual, and predefined portions will prevent you from overeating.
  • Form the table in the form of a buffet table, but think over the holiday program well.
  • Use jerky or ham instead of sausage.
  • Choose low-fat cheese for your cheese slices.
  • Prepare cakes and desserts yourself or choose less high-calorie ones. There are cream-based cakes on sale, not margarine-based ones. Sometimes the calorie content of a purchased cake is lower than the most correct homemade dessert.
  • Red wine is the best choice for the holiday.

Take care of your guests by offering healthy meals and snacks that will not provoke illness. You don't need to explain or educate people about the intricacies of your diet.

How to plan your own birthday menu
How to plan your own birthday menu

What to do on your birthday?

If you celebrate a holiday in the style of a healthy lifestyle, it is not at all necessary to arrange a fitness marathon for your guests, it is enough just to switch your attention from food to interesting activities. Unfortunately, in the countries of the former USSR, a tradition has developed to associate a holiday with a feast. The heroes of the occasion see no way to impress guests other than through culinary delights (calorizator). It is important to understand that friends come to congratulate you, not to eat. Give them an unforgettable evening.

Birthday Activities Ideas:

Board games.

  • Games for the company (for example, crocodile).
  • Photo shoot - equip the background, buy fun accessories.
  • Active games in the yard (if you celebrate in a private house).
  • Dancing.
  • Karaoke.
  • Playing musical instruments.
  • Watching a movie (if you choose a movie that everyone has seen, then conversations and comments will get in the way).
  • Cooking a dish together - will captivate those present and you will have less stress.
  • What to do on your birthday
    What to do on your birthday

    Equip the table in the form of a buffet table. So the food does not interfere with an interesting pastime. There is research confirming that people are less likely to overeat if food is not in front of their eyes. That is, if you need to get up, go to the table and take, the risk of eating above the norm is less.

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