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Video: 14 different ways to celebrate Valentines Day as a couple.| Valentine's Day for couples .#askRenee 2023, February
How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Dietary And Romantic
How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Dietary And Romantic

How to celebrate Valentine's Day dietary and romantic

Holidays are traditionally associated by most people with rest, relaxation and delicious food. February 14 is no exception. Some couples prefer to celebrate the holiday at home, while others go to a restaurant. St. Valentine can be made even more interesting, romantic and healthier for the figure.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day dietary and romantic
How to celebrate Valentine's Day dietary and romantic

Planning a holiday menu

A romantic dinner is an essential attribute of the holiday of lovers. You should prepare for it in advance. However, a romantic setting does not depend on a satisfying meal. Avoid fatty, fried, and heavy foods. If your evening continues, the heaviness in your stomach will ruin everything.

Opt for diet versions of holiday salads, such as the pineapple diet salad or the light crab salad, are perfect for dinner. Since the pomegranate is considered the seasonal treat of February, you can make a diet version of the Pomegranate Bracelet. Let it have less potatoes and nuts, and instead of mayonnaise - a light sauce based on low-fat sour cream. Traditional holiday salads are high in calories and hard to digest. Light versions of these dishes will make you feel good and will not affect your figure.

Choose low-fat cheese, dried poultry, and fish for snacks. Be careful with jerky foods so they don't get too salty.

February is not very rich in vegetables, but there is more than enough fruit. Oranges, tangerines, apples, pomelo, grapefruit, kiwi, pomegranates can easily be bought at the end of winter. Prepare a fruit salad or cut fruit (calorizer). But you should not get carried away with dried fruits and bananas - they are much higher in calories than the above sweet and sour fruits.

From alcohol, choose the lesser of evils - red wine. Avoid brandy and liqueurs, which are much higher in calories than red wine.

The same rules apply to dining in a restaurant. Choose less high-calorie salads and snacks, avoid fried and fatty foods, focus on vegetables, poultry, lean fish, and be sure to order fruit cuts.

Planning a holiday menu
Planning a holiday menu

Romantic and diet desserts

Not all romantic desserts are dietary and vice versa. Valentine's Day is not a birthday, when you need a cake, and not New Year, where you can't do without sweets. This is a completely different holiday with a completely different atmosphere. Especially if you want to spend it with benefit for the figure.

What desserts are suitable for St. Valentine:

Dark chocolate - perfect with any drink and any atmosphere. Remember, a 100-gram bar contains 520-560 kcal.

  • Jelly-based desserts - jelly cake, heart-shaped jelly candies, just layered jelly perfect for the holiday (calorizator). Especially if you make them red, white and pink.
  • Yoghurt desserts - any desserts based on natural yoghurt, frozen berries or fresh fruits.
  • Heart-shaped homemade whole grain diet biscuits - perfect with any hot beverage.
  • Yogurt-based cheesecake - If you have enough time, make a light vanilla-flavored cheesecake, garnish with berries, pomegranate or jam.

Choose one or two options, because dessert is just a separate touch of your holiday.

Romantic and diet desserts
Romantic and diet desserts

Planning leisure activities for Valentine's Day

A romantic dinner is only a part of the holiday for lovers. If you want to keep fit, plan for an active and enjoyable time.

Take a walk - walking in the winter park in the morning or in the evening will bring pleasure and benefit to your hearts. Walking saturates the heart with oxygen, improves metabolic processes, blood circulation, reduces anxiety and helps to get closer. You can just go for a walk, or you can take a walk after watching a movie in a movie or restaurant.

  • Go to the ice rink - ice skating will give you a great mood, energize and refresh your relationship.
  • Going to a workout is a great way to motivate your loved one for sports and have a great time.
  • Planning a romantic photo session is a good way to relax and take memorable art photos.
  • Take a sea salt bath - a relaxing bath will be the perfect end to the day and complement a romantic dinner.
  • Planning leisure activities for Valentine's Day
    Planning leisure activities for Valentine's Day

    There are many ways to celebrate the holiday of lovers with benefits for your body, relax and immerse yourself in romance. Losing weight does not necessarily have to rigidly limit themselves. It is enough to show moderation in food and maintain high activity.

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