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Video: How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Stress

Video: How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Stress
Video: 10 Dieting Mistakes - Why You're Not Losing Weight! | Joanna Soh 2023, June
How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Stress
How To Switch To A Healthy Diet Without Stress

How to switch to a healthy diet without stress

Ditching your favorite salad and pastries can certainly be stressful. How to switch to a properly balanced diet so that a bad mood does not become its companion?

Improve menu

Do not think that everything you eat is completely harmful, high in calories and wrong, and only diets and a fasting day can help you. Write down your weekly menu and see how you can improve it. It is enough to make a few changes, and food will be healthy, and your taste preferences will not be infringed. Here's what you can do:

change salad dressing, or at least learn how to make homemade mayonnaise;

  • reduce the amount of salad ingredients (multi-ingredient salads are a fairly heavy food);
  • do not fry, but simmer or bake;
  • to master new healthy sauces in cooking familiar dishes - soy, natural tomato sauce, etc.;
  • cook compotes so that you are not tempted to drink soda, etc.
  • Improve menu
    Improve menu

    Delicious low calorie recipes

    Who said low-calorie meals are no tastier than straw? In fact, modern chefs and, of course, amateurs have come up with many great low-calorie recipes, including desserts, that allow you to enjoy the taste and, at the same time, reduce the calorie content of your daily menu. All you need is to familiarize yourself with the relevant sections of the culinary portals. You can also simply search for “low calorie recipes,” “low calorie recipes,” “low calorie desserts,” and choose the ones you like.

    Change sweet "stash"

    Many of us have an “untouchable sweet spot” for stressful periods. On ordinary days we can still restrain ourselves, but on days of unrest and troubles, willpower “takes a day off” and we open the hidden box of chocolates to take a breath.

    Make your stash more useful. Have a marshmallow or marshmallow box hidden away, a package of marmalade or a small (30-50 g) dark chocolate bar.

    Dried fruits are also a great alternative. Then the breakdown will remain at a broken trough, and you will still be more cheerful.

    Stop seizing stress

    All food breakdowns, when in an instant you give up a healthy diet and gorge on donuts or sweets, happen in a bad mood. Therefore, in order not to turn off the road of proper nutrition on the path of obesity, prepare for such difficult moments. A contrast shower, funny music, exciting reading or a movie, communicating with a positive person, vacation plans, jogging are great help from stress. Choose what you like and relieve this stupid stress without a set of calories!

    Stop seizing stress
    Stop seizing stress

    Stop being led by marketers

    "Low-fat foods" sounds "slim", but is everything really as rosy as marketers paint for us? We used to think that when we buy low-fat foods, we care about our figure and health, but no one tells us about the high content of sugar or its substitutes in low-fat foods. As a result, we not only do not lose weight, but also provoke obesity and diabetes.

    So ordinary sour cream, milk, kefir, hard cheese and butter are also part of a healthy diet. And a butter sandwich for breakfast (especially rye bread) does not contradict the tenets of proper nutrition. Don't give up what you shouldn't give up.

    Don't be led by marketers
    Don't be led by marketers

    In general, proper nutrition is a habit. If you can outwit yourself and hold out for at least a month, then you will not be able to think that you could once have eaten differently

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