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Video: How To Love Your Body If It Is Far From Ideal

Video: How To Love Your Body If It Is Far From Ideal
Video: Don't like your body? This video will change that. 2023, March
How To Love Your Body If It Is Far From Ideal
How To Love Your Body If It Is Far From Ideal

How to love your body if it is far from ideal

Everyone knows the situation when you start losing weight, decisively forbidding yourself a number of your favorite dishes, and then you break down and reproach yourself for weakness. Or when you force yourself to go to unloved workouts, and by the end of the week you feel weak or sick. Every cell in the body resists losing weight. Most of those losing weight are in a desperate struggle with themselves - they hate their own bodies, thinking that cruelty and violence will lead to results. But this leads to extreme stress, and stress is not the best aid in losing weight.

An organism experiencing stress begins to save resources - it gives less, stores more. Stress introduces an imbalance in a number of important hormonal processes, leading to physical and psychological illness. By loving yourself, you can reduce stress, achieve results faster, and enjoy life.

How to love your body if it is far from ideal
How to love your body if it is far from ideal

Signs of self-love

Imagine that there is an adult and a child living inside you. The child wants to enjoy and rejoice, and the adult wants to take care of the baby. A child, like all children, is a fidget prone to excess. But when the adult announces: “Now no games, forget about sweets, do as I say,” the child resists. To love yourself means to allow these two to agree. All parents know how to negotiate with their children. Explain that you need to put on a hat in cold weather or that sweets will hurt your teeth.

You know that:

To lose weight, you will have to give up less important actions for the sake of a meaningful goal. Is candy more important than feeling light and slim?

  • Exercise should be fun. You have noticed that when you don't like sports, you are reluctant to do it. Find something that will bring pleasure and results!
  • The food should be balanced, tasty and healthy. You have noticed that the more sweet and fatty you eat, the stronger the appetite, the higher the weight and the more skin problems. Why are you hurting yourself?
  • Low self-esteem, comparison with others, focusing on shortcomings and constant reproaches spoil the mood. What are you trying to punish yourself for?
  • Signs of self-love
    Signs of self-love

    Learn to negotiate. You will have to remove harmfulness from the daily diet, but you can enjoy the taste of your favorite dish every 1-2 weeks at a free meal. Tired of cardiovascular equipment? Try strength training, swimming, dancing, homework. Search! Any activity is better than no activity. Let the "child" play your favorite games, but remain a caring parent - feed him tasty and nutritious food, and most importantly, do not compare with other children, do not shout about shortcomings and do not reproach for minor offenses.

    Practical steps to restore love

    How is self-loathing manifested? In the absence of a mind-body connection. Few people deliberately harm themselves, but the majority of those who lose weight have a broken connection with the body - they harm themselves unconsciously.

    What does it say about a communication failure?

    Excessive requirements, for example, urgently to lose weight - you do not know the real capabilities of your own body.

    • Fear of foods and breakdowns is a sign of self-distrust.
    • The inability to read the signals of your body, for example, does not recognize the feeling of satiety, and you confuse fatigue with hunger.
    • Constant reproaches and comparisons indicate self-rejection.

    Understand a few things:

    1. Your body says nothing about your personality. It seems fat and awkward to you, but you know people who love you, not your reflection in the mirror. They love you, why can't you love?
    2. Weight doesn't say anything about you. The weight is not static. Today the scales will show one number, and tomorrow another. Weight can be changed, you do it. Why worry?
    3. Your weight does not reflect the quality of your body. He may be large, but the body is strong, flexible, enduring. It contains the genetic code of your kind. Able to experience pleasure, fatigue, pain, and produce offspring. It doesn't need to be redone, just strive to become better.
    Practical steps to restore love
    Practical steps to restore love

    What should be done:

    1. Learn to read signals. While eating, exercising, watching a movie, or at work ask yourself: "What is my body feeling now?" Try to abstract away for a moment and scan it from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Climb up, focusing attention on each area.
    2. When eating, do not rush, eat slowly, ask: "How full am I?" When the thought arose to eat, ask: “How do I feel? Hunger, thirst, stress, boredom? "
    3. Stop comparing yourself to others - you will not become them. Form your own, not imposed ideal of yourself and strive for it.

    Self-love goes hand in hand with caring. To love yourself means to do everything for your own development. Development of new habits, physical qualities, improved health and well-being, the ability to enjoy life.

    Self-love goes hand in hand with caring
    Self-love goes hand in hand with caring

    Love yourself, you deserve it

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