How To Lose Weight 3-5 Weeks Before The New Year

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How To Lose Weight 3-5 Weeks Before The New Year
How To Lose Weight 3-5 Weeks Before The New Year

Video: How To Lose Weight 3-5 Weeks Before The New Year

Video: How To Lose Weight 3-5 Weeks Before The New Year
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How to lose weight 3-5 weeks before the New Year

Dress on a hanger
Dress on a hanger

We all know that it is impossible to try to lose 10 kg in 1 week in order to fit into the purchased New Year's dress. But this stops few. Let's look at options for healthy weight loss, even if only by 2-4 kg, but these pounds will not return to you with an addition after the holiday.

Our tips on how to lose weight for the new year are suitable for those who set a real goal for themselves.

For example, you want to lose 2-4 kg 3-5 weeks before the New Year. The goal is chosen, and although it is enough for such a short time, it is quite safe and realistic! You need to periodically mentally return to your goal, clearly imagine all the benefits that you will receive when you build. Visualization techniques help a lot. It can be a beautiful dress that is not enough for you now. Let it hang in a prominent place in front of you. Or it could be a photograph in which you are slimmer. Keeping a diary of your observations and feelings is also effective.

The next step is sports. Swimming, running, gymnastics - the choice is yours. If you need to gain weight in 3-5 weeks, it is best to do sports 2 times a day for 30-60 minutes.

The load is selected correctly if:

Through sports, you will be able to stimulate fat consumption, the need for food will naturally decrease, and your appetite will decrease. You will become more full of food, control yourself while eating and less need for sweets.

Now let's talk about nutrition. For fast and effective weight loss, you must use one of 2 food programs for fast weight loss: "Intuitive" or "Cocktail".

Consider the first power system. Let's call it "Intuitive":

Such a system is designed so that the body itself will tell you what it needs. Use our advice if you want to correctly determine your body's need for energy.

  1. Cocktail

    You need to eat less fat and sugar. If the food is dominated by proteins and complex carbohydrates, our body gets the maximum effect of satiety with a minimum of calories.

  2. NO prohibitions. Treats, if you really want, eat in small quantities after the main meal, when you are already full.
  3. Diet shouldn't be a pain for you! Care must be taken so that the diet does not turn into torment. To do this, you need to really assess your strength and capabilities of the body, the daily routine.
  4. There should be 5 meals a day. You should have 4-5 meals throughout the day. Include light meals in your diet. For example, low-fat cottage cheese, bran buns, tea or coffee without sugar.
  5. You need to enjoy the process! Try to taste every bite of food you eat. You will eat slowly and eat less.
  6. Keep a food diary. He will discipline you and allow you to identify important patterns in nutrition, you can see what prevents you from eating right and losing weight.
  7. Eat less in the evening. Instead of frightening yourself with systems like "do not eat after 6", allow yourself two hours after a light dinner a glass of kefir with muesli or a piece of boiled meat with vegetables.

This method of losing weight is very convenient when you can eat food prepared at home at work.

If it is impossible or forbidden to eat in the office, use the second program.

Let us now consider the second power system: "Cocktail".


Here, a cocktail is taken as the basis of nutrition for weight loss. Better to cook it yourself.

Low-fat cottage cheese should be mixed with milk or fermented baked milk in a 1: 1 ratio. Each portion of this shake, taken before meals, reduces appetite and calorie intake after meals by 25-30%. You can add some seasonal fruit for flavor.

The scheme for using such a cocktail may be as follows.

  1. You drink 3-4 servings of the cocktail a day. One more portion should be drunk before dinner, the last one, if you really want to eat, at night.
  2. In addition to a cocktail, you can eat 700 g of vegetables and fruits, slices of bran bread during the day.
  3. Dinner should be light, low-fat. A snack is allowed 1-1.5 hours before bedtime: low-fat cottage cheese and a slice of bran bread or fish or meat with sliced vegetables, a glass of cocktail).

It is better to switch to a cocktail slimming scheme after spending 1 fasting low-fat day. On this fasting day, it is advisable to consume a portion of the cocktail before each meal.

Thanks to the Cocktail Slimming System, your appetite will decrease, the satiety process will accelerate and your nutritional control will improve.

When the goal is achieved, you managed to lose weight by the New Year without harm to the body, the question arises: what next? Remember that your weight is a direct consequence of your lifestyle. And if you want to return to your old habits, your previous weight will return with them.

There is only one way out - to keep those healthy lifestyle skills that you have developed in the process of losing weight.

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